A confusing time for Glover

It's a bit of a Pandora's Box to tell the media that you are about two weeks from a commitment. Jared Glover has stated that he is close, but how close? Well, where Glover is at in the process is not a surprise. It's the best way to sum up a chaotic time which effects the next four to five years of your life.

People often forget in reading these articles that these players are 16, 17 or 18 years old. They haven't started their senior season yet and the process as a whole is just how a player feels about "your team".

Well, Jared Glover will make everyone remember all of those very things because a chat that he had with Big Red Report the other night. Little is solved when it comes to Glover's situation and him being close to a commitment.

"I have been getting quite a few calls lately," Glover said. "To be honest I am very much confused right now. I have it down to those three schools; Oklahoma State, Colorado and Nebraska."

"Here in about a week or two I am going to hit all three of the schools again for a visit in about a 10 day period. I want to see where my heart really is. I have an idea where I am leaning, where I am thinking, but every time I visit one of these schools I walk away just wowed."

Getting wowed is a natural feeling following a visit. Beyond the wow factor, there are things that are being considered by Glover when it comes to his decision. It's about the big picture and the vision on the staff.

"I want to play for a team that wants to win, that has ambitious coaches. I want to be able to ask the coaches and I want them to tell me what they want to do. I want them to say that they are going to win a championship. I don't want to hear 'we are going to win some games, but are not going to win a big one'."

Glover is hoping that three visits to his top three schools in a short period will help him get over the wow factor. Tightening up the time off will keep him from sitting back and thinking about just one school.

"Whenever I visit them, and whenever I leave them, I am always wowed by those schools. I have wanted to play for all three of these schools. What I am going to try to do is hit all three of them in very close together to see what I think about them. When I have seen them spread out I have liked all of them. I am hoping that is going to help me."

There is little doubt to Glover that the want to commit early is still there. It's about wanting to focus on his season, but beyond that there is a reason that makes you realize the maturity that Glover has had throughout the process.

"I still want to commit early. I want to focus on my senior year. It's not fair to other recruits to be holding scholarship offers to a school that I am not going to play for."

The decision might include thoughts about the staff and location. However, this is as much a decision about where he will be spending the next part of his life as it is about football. So what will be the biggest factors in that decision?

"The coaching staff has a lot to do with it. Location also has a lot to do with it. It's where I am going to be spending the next four to five years of my life. I didn't realize how big of a decision it was until it was really on me."

"It's getting down to when I want to make a decision and then it's on me and it's like 'Dang. This decision is a lot bigger than I expected'."

"To really answer your question it's really the coaches attitudes and how the players are treated there. Those are the biggest things to me."

One possible consideration could be the position where a school sees him playing. It has been said that Glover could be an excellent defensive end, but that is a projection. Last year he was an active linebacker at Bixby. In the end, the position aspect won't be a huge factor.

"It doesn't really matter to me. I would probably prefer to play linebacker and that is what Colorado and Oklahoma State are recruiting me as. I spoke to Coach John Blake and they are bringing me in as a linebacker until I put the weight on and then I will play with my hand on the ground. That is fine with me."

"Nebraska is probably the one hybrid school like that. When I say prefer to play linebacker it's because I haven't ever played defensive end. I don't know any better. From a high school linebacker perspective that just seems to me that it would be more fun."

"If I could go on and play linebacker to start out with and then grow into a defensive end then that would be perfect too. I am pretty sure that Nebraska has an opportunity for me to come in and play linebacker early."

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