Hamilton thinking about official to Nebraska

There aren't many states that can say that there are "areas" to it. But there definitely are areas in the state of Texas. El Paso is probably in more of an area all it's own because of how remote it is from other areas. Nebraska pulled a player from El Paso last year and are looking at another one this year.

There always seems to be a few top players to come out of El Paso which turns out to be rewarding to those schools that recruit that area. Dominique Hamilton is making some noise this year out of El Paso (Texas) Chapin.

"The summer is going good," Hamilton said. "I am just lifting weights and doing agilities and stuff. I am trying to get faster. I am going to this performance center and that is pretty fun."

Hamilton is a 6-foot-6, 280 pound standout that has a 5.1 40-yard dash time. His size could indicate that Hamilton could be recruited to play other positions. However, he is hearing just one position from all of the schools.

"Everyone is recruiting me to play defensive tackle. People say that they like me because I come off of the ball really fast. I fly off of the ball."

There are a couple of different types of players on the interior defensive line. There is a one-gap that is really a run-stopper that typically gets double-teamed on every play and there is the three-gap that is a little more active and athletic.

"I think that I more of a 3-gap player and being active. I like getting after the quarterback. We have a little competition to see who gets the most sacks. I think that I had 80 tackles, nine sacks, 10 pressures and 3 forced fumbles. I was second team all-district."

It's a cool, dozen offers for Hamilton right now. He is also getting attention from three schools that finished as some of the top teams in the nation last year.

"I have 12 offers. They are from Missouri, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Arizona, Arizona State, Baylor, New Mexico State, Nebraska, Colorado, Oklahoma, UTEP, and Oklahoma State. Texas, USC and LSU haven't offered me, but they are all still looking at me."

Hamilton has had some time to sit down and think about his favorites. It seems that one of the biggest things for Hamilton is that he wants to play early. One team has done a good job proving a point about playing early.

"I like Missouri, UTEP, Texas A&M, Colorado, Arizona State and Nebraska the most. I want to play early. A lot of people are saying that I can play as a freshman. Missouri sent me the depth chart and it said that I would be on the field the second year, starting."

It seems that Nebraska will get a closer look by Hamilton this fall. "I was thinking about taking an official visit up there to Nebraska. Coach Phil Elmassian is recruiting me. He's real good to talk to. He's real with me."

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