BRR Sunday Chat with Jared Crick

It's not often the fans get a chance to ask questions to future or even current Huskers. Through a moderator in our regular Sunday chats you get your chance to ask questions to current Husker verbal commitments. Sunday night's special guest was verbal commitment Jared Crick. Check out your questions and his answers in our transcript of the Sunday night Q&A.

Check out our transcript of the fan Q&A with one of the Husker commitments, tight end/defensive end Jared Crick. Questions by subscribers were relayed by phone, and Crick took the time to answer questions from the fans at BigRedReport.

BryanMunson:: Jared, how do you feel yourself fitting into the DL scheme in Lincoln?
[Andrew Bone] (Jared Crick):: scheme: I need to gain a couple of pounds/fit in the base defensive end position.

Blackshirts98:: Do the coaches want you to play DE like Adam Carriker?
JC:: I think so...a lot of hard work, but I think I can reach that level.

georgianhusker:: what is the biggest part of your game that you will try to improve before you get to Lincoln, Jared?
JC:: I would like to improve speed, get stronger. It's a different game and have to prepare myself for it.

entropy:: What surprised you the most during the recruiting process? And congrats on the offer from UNL.
JC:: The biggest surprise was the first offer in the spring--and the others, knowing I was wanted.

HuskerMo:: what will be the biggest challenge going from H/S to D-1 ball?
JC:: Biggest challenge: a lot faster, hit harder, a lot different, a lot more intense.

Bohunksker:: Is your family originally from the Cozad area?
JC:: Yes, originally from the area.

georgianhusker:: what's your best 40 time Jared?
JC:: 40: best: 4.8

waupaca:: Jared, what is your weight up to now?
JC:: weight: 245

HuskerMo:: What will be your ideal playing weight?
JC:: ideal weight: 245/keep speed--to still play TE.

BryanMunson:: By base end you are meaning a 5-technique, could you play inside at a 3?
JC:: I can play either, prefer 5 a little better.

Spud25:: Jared, which position would you prefer to play?
JC:: preferred position: Tight end. Both have advantages.

georgianhusker:: How tall are you Jared?
JC:: 6-5.5

HuskerMo:: Has the other schools quit contacting you?
JC:: The majority have. Kansas still contacts. Some contact for track. Rice, Creighton, Illinois, South Carolina, Houston, a bunch of Texas schools (for track).

georgianhusker:: What's your favorite part of the game of football? The hitting, strategy, endurance, nastiness?
JC:: I like the hitting. It's a form of legalized violence.

Blackshirts98:: are you guys going to win state this year?
JC:: Hopefully...a bright future, a great chance to win it.

waupaca:: Jared, which position have NU coaches talked to you most about playing?
JC:: Recruited me for defensive end, but the tight ends coach wants me to play for him. Defensive tackle or tight end. We'll have to wait and see.

Blackshirts98:: have you ever met Chris Dishman?
JC:: I have met him...a couple of years ago. I have not really talked with him.

georgianhusker:: who's the best player that you had to compete against in state?
JC:: The best Matt May. Hard to name.

georgianhusker:: anyone know who Matt May is?
Blackshirts98:: Matt May is from Chase County. Pretty good sprinter too. His dad played at Wyoming.

HuskerMo:: Are you glad the whole recruiting process is over?
JC:: Kinda...Yeah, pretty much. I will miss the letters. Deep down I knew I was going to Nebraska.

georgianhusker:: what was it about Lincoln and the new staff that appealed to you the most so that you committed, Jared?
JC:: Coaching: Always being a Nebraska boy. I think I would be a perfect fit in the defense. Always wanted to go me perfect.

georgianhusker:: what month do you plan on getting to Lincoln to get settled in?
JC::Summer classes in June.

waupaca:: Jared, have you tried to contact any other commits to get to know them?
JC: I tried on the computer. Several don't have it. I tried Niles Paul as well.

Blackshirts98:: do you see yourself as a vocal leader? Or a lead by example kind of guy.
JC:: Lead by example. I'm kind of shy. People can watch me and learn.

DarthHusker:: Did Crick camp here, and if so, what'd he think of the volleyball campers?
JC:: I liked the camp. I went for one day.

HuskerMo:: How excited will you be with your first Tunnel walk?
JC:: I will be about excited as I'll ever be. As a spectator it gives you chills.

georgianhusker:: have you seen the new facilities yet Jared?
JC:: I have seen the new practice fields. I have not seen all, but enough.

Blackshirts98:: how often do you talk with the coaches?
JC:: About once a week. We text and call.

BryanMunson:: Is this the fulfillment of a dream to grow up in Nebraska and get to become a Cornhusker or is that overblown?
JC:: A actually be a Husker. I still have some goals when I get there.

HuskerMo:: Don't you have an ex-teammate that will walk-on this fall? Dreu Young? What are your thoughts on him?
JC:: Yes. He's a great player, one of my best friends. He will do great. Never quits. Happy to with him play again.

Blackshirts98:: what did the Kansas coaches say when you committed?
JC:: Not too much. Congratulations. Wished me good luck.

Moderator:'s Andrew Bone.

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