#7 CB, Kenny Scott

Do you have over 40 scholarship offers on thet table? Nope, neither do I. Because of that fact, it's almost redundant telling you how good this young man is, because you should already know. What everyone does want to know is what teams are catching his eye the most and yeah, so do we.

Kenny Scott - RB - 6-1.5, 181, 4.35/40 - Daytona Beach, FL (Seabreeze) - A stellar two-way player isn't a rarity, but teams certainly covet those who are. Scott is one of those players, playing both running back and defensive back in high school. Scott tallied over 700 yards receiving and over 800 yards rushing. With his size, Scott is ideal at positions, but will no doubt solidify which position he is going to play in college, this year.

No matter how good you are or fast you are, with every competitive person, there is the strive to be better, go faster. Scott is likewise one of those players. Kenny already sporting an impressive 4.4/40 wasn't about to settle for that and bettered that time two weeks ago at the Georgia Tech camp he attended, running a 4.35. Scott has also been timed running a 10.7 100 meter and again, that's not good enough for him. "I want to get faster than that" Scott stated. I would like to get down to a 10.5, so we'll just see what happens."

In recognition of Scott's drive and obvious talent, schools have come clamoring after the Florida standout to the tune of a reported 42 offers. With that kind of attention, Scott has already established himself, now he is just looking to get better.

You can imagine that with such a large list, Scott could narrow it down and still end up with close to 20. Scott actually has his list a little more narrower than that, listing Florida, Florida State, Miami, North Carolina, North Carolina State, South Carolina, Georgia Tech, Auburn, LSU, Georgia, Tennessee and Nebraska.

With all the teams (except one) being in the southern region of the country, that begged the question as to whether or not the climate was going to play an issue with his decision. "I like the weather down here, but if I see something better and it's not in this area, that's what I will do" Scott stated.

With all the attention for his versatility, Scott did want to make it clear that he does have a preference. "I think they (the schools recruiting) know that I am not too fond of playing on offense." Kenny said. As to what makes him a good DB, Kenny had this to say. "My coverage skills are very up-to-date. Plus, I hit you and I hit you hard. All I am thinking about when I get on a shot on you is, let's do this. That's all I am thinking. He is going to come at me and try and break me down, but I am going to come after you and hit you as hard as I can."

Scott hasn't decided on where he is going to visit officially, but does know when he will be taking them. "I am going to take like three during the season and two afterwards." And, as to when he plan on making that final pledge, "I plan on waiting until signing day."

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