Mid-week visitor for Nebraska?

The summer is just hard sometimes to get away. Despite being out of school, there are still tons of other things going on. This recruit has tried before in the past to make plans to see Nebraska during the spring game. Will he make it in for a visit this week?

Nebraska could be hosting a very big visitor this week. Bret Harris from Irving (Texas) MacArthur has recently gone on the record about having a top three. It's not a final three, but Harris admits that he has a top three.

"I guess you could say something like that," Harris said. "It's not a final three, but it's definitely my favorites."

So who are the top three? "My favorites, or top three right now, are Arkansas, Oklahoma State and Nebraska. Those are my leaders right now."

One of the biggest reasons that Harris has those teams as a top three is as much his interest in them as their interest in him. More and more, it's about the attention being given to a recruit that pays off for a school.

"Those are the top three that are interested in me too. I don't talk to anyone else. I didn't narrow things down at all or anything, but those are definitely three places I plan to visit. Three places I am really trying to see."

Lots of places list Harris as a cornerback, but he is being recruited for another position in the secondary by all of the schools taking to him. "Nebraska likes me as a safety. Everyone is recruiting me to play safety, at least all of the schools that I have spoke to."

When it comes to playing safety, Harris has natural instincts and the physical tools to become a top safety at the next level. "My strengths are my reaction, my awareness, my speed, and my smarts on the field. I like coming up to support the run."

While Harris seems to have a top three he hasn't set up any official visits yet. However, Harris could start getting a look at one of the schools on his leader board a little more closely this week.

"I haven't set up any official visits yet. I might be going to Nebraska this Thursday, I don't know yet. I was planning on going and seeing Oklahoma State and Arkansas, but I am not really sure."

The visit isn't set yet, but it sounds like Harris is really going to try and make it up there this week. "I might be going there this Thursday. Coach Gilmore has been recruiting me from Nebraska."

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