A name busting on the scene in Texas

Richetti Jones is a name that has been firmly entrenched above most all top Texas lists. He is typically a top five player in the state. Recently though, a name has surfaced that have some thinking that this player is actually comparable and, in some cases, some people think that he is better. So who is this new player?

Most popular Texas recruiting services or magazines don't list Dallas (Texas) St. Marks and even fewer have Sam Acho in their database. So where is St. Marks and who is Sam Acho?

"St. Marks is in Dallas which is in the SPC or the Southern Preparatory Conference," Acho said. "I play defensive end and tight end for St. Marks."

Acho is an athletic and active player on the football field. At 6-foot-2.5 and 250 pounds, Acho still has 4.6/40 speed. He is a weapon on both offense and defense for St. Marks.

"Some schools are recruiting me to play defensive end and some are recruiting me to play tight end. Some schools like me as an outside linebacker."

"I have played defensive end and tight end the past two years at St. Marks, so either of those two is fine. I wouldn't mid learning a new position. Learning a new position isn't a huge deal or a deal breaker."

On defense, you get a guy that off the edge not most tackles can get a hand on him. That comes from his quickness, but it helps that he has had good coaching on his technique.

"At defensive end I think that I have good fundamentals from great coaching. Coach Walker has taught me great fundamentals. I also think that I have great speed off of the ball. I think that it's mainly fundamentals."

When it comes to lining up at tight end you have a player that knows how to catch the ball, but more importantly gives you match up problems against slower linebackers or smaller safeties.

"At tight end, our coach has preached running good routes and catching the ball. Basically, it comes down running good routes, getting your hands up and using correct form to catch passes."

Acho isn't sure what his exact stats were last year. He is only aware of his repeat performance on the conference level. He did haul in a team award that indicates how well thought of he is as a player and a teammate.

"I didn't keep track of any of my stats. I did get all-SPC this year and last year. For our team I got the Lion Award. It is for inspiration to my teammates by my character and work ethic."

Acho is about to really take off so this is probably the lowest amount of offers that you will ever read about him. Totaled, he is in double-figures between written and verbal offers.

"I think that I am up to about seven offers or so, written. I have maybe three or four verbal offers. The written are from SMU, TCU, Tulsa, Rice, Oklahoma State, Iowa and Virginia. My verbals are from USC and Stanford. There are a couple of others."

With all of the offers, no favorites have really been set by Acho. This is really going to come down to where he can play football, but more importantly get a good education.

"I like all of the schools that have offered me. In some situations I have had a coach send a tape of mine to some schools that I do like. I am open to anything and any school. Academics is number one. I like Southern Cal, Virginia, Stanford, Iowa, Oklahoma State and Cal."

Recently, there has been on Big 12 team that has come in with really late interest for Acho. There is another Big 12 team that Acho would be interested in hearing more from. "I have heard from Oklahoma. They have recently got a hold of me. I spoke to one of their coaches a few days ago. I haven't really heard anything from Nebraska. I would be interested in hearing from Nebraska."

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