Acho picks up offer from Big Red

Like wildfire, word about Sam Acho is quickly spreading to coaches from all around the nation about a big time player from a small school in Dallas. The word on the street is that there is a player that, up to this point, hadn't got a lot of attention, but may be the best defensive end in the Lone Star State.

Although Big Red Report just caught up with Sam Acho it's time for another story. A story now that includes the receipt of a written offer and the extension of a verbal offer. The 6-foot-2.5 and 250 pound DE from Dallas (Texas) St. Marks spoke about the news.

"My coach got phone calls from Stanford, USC and Nebraska," Acho said. "All of these schools have given me a verbal offer and they said that they are mailing it in. They said that it would be here in a week or so."

Nebraska, like so many other schools, is acting quickly on Acho. Acho spoke to the recruiting coach for his area on the phone yesterday.

"I spoke to Nebraska yesterday. I spoke to the assistant coach from Oakland with Coach Bill Callahan, Jay Norvell. He's the offensive coordinator."

During the conversation with Coach Norvell they discussed his film and the offer. "They said that they saw my film and said that they were impressed with it. It was yesterday when they offered me."

So many "new" teams are coming out and offering Acho. Nebraska is the latest to extend an offer, but he did mention that he is going to really think about the Nebraska offer and that he would be interested in an official visit.

"I know that they just came on the scene with me and I definitely have to think about it. I am definitely interested in getting there for an official visit. It would definitely be a school that I would be interested. They are a great football program."

One thing in Nebraska's favor right now might be a friend of Acho's. "One of my friends is a huge, huge, huge Nebraska fan. I remember, back in the day, when they were a football powerhouse. They are still solid now. But, one of my friends is a huge fan of theirs."

Acho has an amazing size and speed combination being 6-foot-2.5, 250 pounds and having 4.6 speed. He is being recruited as anything from tight end to defensive end all the way to linebacker. "Nebraska definitely didn't tell me word for word where they are recruiting me to play. I just spoke to their offensive coordinator."

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