Huskers heading back to Lincoln high

It hasn't been that long since Husker fans looked at Lincoln high school in Tallahassee, Florida as a potential pipeline to the Huskers. Turned out that only one out of that class some three years ago ended up heading to the big red. Ironically, though, the very first commit to Bill Callahan was Danny Muy, who came from that very school. Now, the Huskers are going after some more.

It seemed for a short time that Nebraska was going to start a pipeline at one of the more improbable high schools in the country. Lincoln high school had a reputation for sending a lot of recruits to Division 1-A, but certainly not to Nebraska.

Hardly surprising as any school in Tallahassee, Florida should be sending most if not all of their elite to Florida State, which is just a stone's throw from the school. It's like Glenville high in Ohio, Evangel Christian in LSU or Jenks to Oklahoma. It's just tradition.

Ironic then that it wasn't just one name, but a few, who Nebraska had a shot at, players like Calvin Darity, Rodney Gallon, Daniel Manning and Danny Muy all holding Nebraska as one of their favorites at one point during the recruiting process.

Of course Florida State ended up getting the bulk of them, but Nebraska landed Muy, one of the top line prospects out of the Sunshine State that year. And even more ironic, Muy was actually head coach Bill Callahan's very first commit as the head man with the big red.

There won't be any firsts like that this time around, but when it comes to defensive tackle Tim Lamb, Nebraska probably wouldn't mind.

At 6 foot, 1 inch tall, Lamb isn't the biggest defensive tackle you see, but at 305 pounds, he's still a heck of a load to push off the ball. Lamb would tell you that you are wasting your time to even try. "Nobody pushes me off the ball," he said. "I may not always get up field, but you sure as heck aren't pushing me back. Once I get leverage, I am there to stay."

Lamb has the words, but he's also got the numbers, which emphatically support what he says. It's not just the school record 31 tackles for loss he had last year, but the almost 60 solo tackles, three forced fumbles and four sacks which put an exclamation point on what he can do.

For him, there's not much he can't do, but he's not really willing to accept even gaudy statistics like that. "Whatever I did, I can do better. There's no settling for doing the same thing you did last year," he said. "Teams will double and triple-team me, but they've already been doing that."

"They still can't stop me and they aren't stopping me this year. I plan on doing everything I did last year, but more."

When it comes to the recruiting, it's obvious that location is a big thing for Lamb. Not necessarily in deciding where he goes, but the pressure he receives close to home. It's all about the ‘Noles and the fact that Lincoln high traditionally sends kids there, it's pretty obvious what Lamb hears most when people speculate on where he's going to go.

"Everyone thinks I am going to Florida State if I get an offer from them," Tim said. "I've got an offer from Miami right now, but everyone thinks I am going to end up a Seminole."

That wouldn't be bad, according to Lamb, for obvious reasons. But one of those reasons is why he'd consider them and Miami. But not Florida. They are missing something he likes and wants to see in a defense. It's something he believes makes a team what it is. And in his eyes, Florida just doesn't have it.

"You've got to have that swagger like FSU and Miami does. Florida, they don't have it," Lamb said. "You think Florida State and Miami, you think great teams. Florida isn't like that. They are the worst of the three."

Nebraska once delved into Lincoln high and got one player from the ‘Noles and with Lamb, they are trying again. Coincidentally enough, Lamb actually has a connection to the Husker state. "That's where my mom is from and I have other family up there," Tim said of his mother, who is a native of Nebraska, born in Omaha. "I don't know too much about them, but they've got a good team."

While Lamb will admit to the connections, he'll just as easily admit that it's pretty hard to see him leave the state of Florida if everything works out. But it's not concrete. If he sees what he wants, feels what he wants, he said that up to a certain extent, he wouldn't mind head out of Florida. "It has to be the right situation and the right kind of place for me," Lamb said of the ideal school. "Weather really isn't an issue, but what it's like there, what the coaches are like and what the team is like."

"That swagger is important to me. I want to see that, because that's the way I play. And I want to see how they use their defensive tackles."

As school approaches, the time is growing short when it comes to trying to narrow down his list. With almost 30 offers, even Tim will admit that for once he's actually feeling a little pressure from the ever-growing list of teams trying to get his services in the future. That's a lot of teams, which means a lot of choices and in-state kid or not, Tim is trying to get everyone a fair shake.

"I am really not trying to count out anyone, because that wouldn't be very smart right now. There's a lot of teams out there with a lot to offer," he said. "Maybe one of them will fit me perfectly and it won't be someone you might think. That's why I have to take this stuff just one day at a time."

Lamb said that practice officially begins on July 31st and he doesn't have any intention of even narrowing down his list for awhile. Also, look for Xavier Lamb (his brother) to be a factor as Tim said that he would likely end up going wherever his brother went. Nebraska hasn't offered Xavier at this point.

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