NU recruit, WR, Jason Ray

As receivers go, Ray's size is ideal. His speed is also a welcome bonus when looking for that breakaway player. With options open as to the system he would like the best in college, it's giving a variety of teams with their different offensive schemes a real chance at landing this young standout.

Jason Ray Profile

Jason Ray - 6-2, 198, 4.46/40 - Broken Arrow, Oklahoma - As you are used to seeing cornerbacks that range anywhere from 5'10" to 6'0", it's the bigger, stronger and faster receivers that you covet, simply to give them at the very least, a physical advantage thus making their talent and speed even that much more of an impact against whomever they face. With Ray's measurables, he is ideal in that respect and it will no doubt bolster his already blooming reputation as someone that can flat get it done.

Jason takes his over 10 yards per catch performance last season and his double-digit touchdown total into this season, looking to improve and thus, making a little more noise to those teams out there seeking a versatile receiver. Again, Ray's measurables will get him some attention already, but you know how everyone loves numbers and Jason is looking for some bigger ones this season.

Out of the schools that are looking at Ray thus far, four have offered him, but it's a pretty good four, being lead by such schools as West Virginia, Kansas and Nebraska. The fourth offer is from the University of Tulsa.

Of those four, there isn't a clear-cut leader for Ray, but he does have some preferences, Academics being a major one as Jason has a current GPA of 3.70. Jason has taken his ACT. Actually, he's taken it 3 times. From his GPA, you can see that he doesn't settle for moderate achievement in the classroom, so his current best of 22 isn't near good enough for him. "I just want it to get better."

Unofficially, Jason has been to K. State, OU and West Virginia and he plans on visiting Nebraska, Kansas and Notre Dame before the Summer is over.

Again, Jason hasn't stated a favorite, but said that the research process he will make this year will solve that problem. "I have been taking a look at web sites for the teams and have been trying to contact coaches to get a feel for it, so that's what I intend to do so I know what I am doing."

With no concrete idea as to when Jason plans on making his decision, he's debating between waiting or not. "I would like to get it out of the way, but I am willing to wait if I have to", Ray stated. You can look at those that have offered Jason though as the front runners for getting official visits right now. "Those that have shown the most interest in me, right now, that is where I would visit."

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