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Someimes, the bevy of camps that you go to as a recruit can actually help. It just doesn't get you noticed, but if you happen to perform at your career best, it might get you not just looked at, but coveted. Corey felt some of that based on his impressive performance in East Lansing and based on the attention since, his popularity should blossom.

Corey McKeon Profile

Corey McKeon - RB/LB - 6-2, 211, 4.44/40 - Naperville, Illinois (North) - One of the many outstanding two-way players in the country, McKeon has his choice of which side of the ball he wants to play. Sporting measurables like he has, just his frame alone is enough for schools to come after him simply due to the potential. There's no doubt Corey's size in combination with his speed help his on the field numbers, but they certainly help him when you consider the vast number of positions he could be looked at to play.

Following Corey McKeon's performance at the East Lansing camp in Michigan, Mckeon's stalk has gone up. Way up. Though the difference between a 4.5 40 and a 4.44 40 might not appear to be much, in athletic terms, it's dramatic. McKeon was offered scholarships by Wisconsin, Boston College and Purdue based on that outstanding performance. With schools like those listed jumping on the McKeon bandwagon so soon, you can be fair in your assumption that many will soon follow.

Other than those listed above, Corey has offers from Bowling Green, Miami (OH) and Northern Illinois. Out of those that haven't offered him thus far, Penn State, UCONN and Nebraska have shown him the most intense attention.

As for what teams Corey is looking at, it's a bit of a break from his list, as he says it's the coastal teams that are drawing his attention, at least right now. "I like the East and West coast schools right now" Corey stated. "I like UCLA, Arizona and I really like Maryland. Those are the newer schools that I like." There is one school though that dates back to his childhood as a life-long favorite. "My favorite school growing up was Michigan. I've always wanted to be a Wolverine."

To the category of officials, Corey is planning on taking them before the season or possibly throughout, but he's willing to take his time. "I want to wait, because it's the only way to take a look at the school that is right for you."

Corey is listed on both sides of the ball, but has said that he does prefer the defensive side.

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