Lawrence is close, but how close?

A little time off seems to always put things in perspective. The summer is less about vacation for high school football players anymore than it is about camps, working out and recruiting. It's tough. However, Blake Lawrence has had a good teacher, his brother, and has been very thorough about the process.

Blake Lawrence, the three star linebacker from Shawnee Mission (Kan.) West, is turning the corner in his recruitment and is about to come down the backstretch. The 6-foot-3, 205 pound standout with 4.65 speed caught up with Big Red Report to talk about it.

"California was nice," Lawrence said. "It was great to get away, I am telling you. My mom and I got to spend some time together and that is always good to spend time with her."

Vacation's are less and less like vacations. Meaning, there is always work to do. Lawrence probably could have gone to Siberia and thought about recruiting somehow, some way. While in California, Lawrence took in an unofficial to a local school.

"It was hard not to think about recruiting out in California. I went and saw Stanford and that was something new to look at. It helped me to compare the schools that I am looking at, and why not Stanford with their academic background, and that just helped me think about the schools that I have narrowed it down to and why."

Narrowing it down is something that Lawrence has done a little bit. Some might claim that there are only two and that isn't totally correct. There are a top two, but the list hasn't been pared down to just two.

"I am just looking at two. It's Kansas and Nebraska. It's not just those two. I hate saying "just", but those are the big two. Those are the two that my focus is most on. I have respect for the other schools, but mainly it's Kansas and Nebraska."

While many might have thought that the research process would be ending for Lawrence it really just turns another page. From here, Lawrence is interested in first-hand accounts about people from similar situations and going to either one of his top two schools.

"Last night I got Lance Brandenburgh's number from Coach Cosgrove. Lance might actually be coming back to town in the next couple of weeks. I might be talking to him a little about the transition from Kansas to Nebraska and how he likes it."

"There is actually another kid that came from my high school that went to Nebraska to play basketball. He's a big guy, power forward. I am trying to get a hold of him to talk about that transition as well."

"I know about the Kansas transition pretty well because of my brother. I'd also like to get an opinion of someone here that went up to Lincoln."

Lawrence is seeking wise council and has been very thorough in this process. Per Lawrence, it's helped him greatly to have that support network through this process. "It's good to have someone to talk to about it. Someone that knows my thoughts and knows where I am about choosing that school or not."

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