Huskers expecting big, athletic visitor

So you want an athlete at defensive end? Well they might not come any more athletic than this player. Some players double as basketball players. Some are in track, but more are in field. There has even been the occasional baseball player. However, there aren't too many that double as outside hitters.

There aren't many defensive ends that at 6-foot-5, 260 and run 4.8s. But, there is one in Mount Prospect (Ill.). Markus Zusevics was looking at making some trips in July. Has he made any?

"No, we are right now taking a team trip and I will be taking my visits right after that," Zusevics said. "This next coming week is the trip and the week after that I will taking an unofficial to Nebraska."

Beyond simply knowing that the trip to Nebraska will come after his team trip is all that Zusevics knows about the date of this visit to Nebraska. "I don't know the exact date yet. It will just be in that week. We need to hammer out the details still."

Zusevics is planning on making some trips now, but he is under the mindset that he will wait to make a decision until later. "I was thinking about kind of making a later decision to take into consideration any late offers or anything. If nothing shows up I will commit when the time is right."

Does the want to hold out for the best possible offer mean that there isn't a chance that Zusevics will commit while on his trip to Nebraska? "Who knows. If I really like it. If it's what I think that it might be there is a good chance I might commit right then and there."

Anything is possible. By the sounds of it, not much is really separating Zusevics' top three. Getting a chance to get out and see the schools might be just what the doctor ordered in effort to come to a clear favorite.

"My top three are Nebraska, Purdue and Miami-Ohio. I just love Nebraska's tradition. Their fans just love their football. Purdue is big-time football. I like the coaching staff there. Miami-Ohio has a really nice campus and really good academics."

At 6-foot-5 and 260, there is some debate where Zusevics might play on the field. He is being recruited for three different positions. He prefers one, mostly because he knows how effective he could be at that weight and at that position.

"Nebraska is recruiting me as a defensive end. They are the only school recruiting me as a defensive end. There are some other schools that like me at tight end. Purdue actually wants me to put on about 40 pounds and play on the offensive line."

"I would almost like to play some defensive line. I think that I am in the best shape that I have ever been in. I think that I can perform at my best at this weight."

Zusevics isn't just being recruited for one collegiate sport. The other sport might surprise some, but it's really a tribute to him and his athleticism to be so great, so explosive at two very different sports.

"I play volleyball. We just got back from the national tournament and we are rated 15th in the nation. I play outside hitter. I am actually getting recruited for both volleyball and football. I prefer football though, for sure. I have an offer from Ball State for volleyball."

To play outside hitter you need to be able to get up. Zusevics is 6-foot-5 and 260, but has a 4.8. He couldn't have a very good vertical. Or could he?

"I have a pretty good vertical. My reach is 8-feet, but then I can touch 10-foot-10. I have a 34-inch vertical. I did some jump program with my brother and it really helped. The basketball coach is trying to get me to try out. I would really like to get in a nice off-season lifting program in though."

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