Witt's Journal: Part I

One of the biggest recruits for Nebraska's class this year will undoubtedly be Patrick Witt. It's the size of the recruit. It's the film. It's the arm. It's also because he is the quarterback. From somewhat recruiting anonymity to one of college football's biggest fishbowls at Nebraska.

Big Red Report will be bringing you a series of Witt's Diaries all season long. Nebraska fans didn't know a lot about this recruit even after he committed, but by the time he gets to Nebraska in January everyone will.

Witt's journal entry for July 23, 2006:

"I still receive a lot of mail and everything from schools. Some schools are kind of coming out of the woodwork. Arizona State has kind of picked up their letters. Maryland has been sending me a couple. The mail has been coming in still pretty much every day, but the text messages have come to a stop."

"That had really been nice. No coach is asking me to call them back. I don't feel the burden to talk to them or spend time with them. I appreciate that. That is partially why I wanted to commit. To get that over with."

"It's awesome though, to be in my position to get a chance to talk to a college coach. I got to keep myself from taking what has happened for granted. I have friends that would like to get letters from some of these schools. I just think, 'Great, more form letters and this is someone that would love to just have one letter'. It keeps it in perspective."


"I wouldn't have gotten interviewed by six radio stations the day that I committed if I would have gone to any other school. People of Nebraska love their football and it's a huge deal to them. They love the players of their team and they want to get to know them. I kind of feel like part of it. It's such a big part of their lives."

"The kids that go to other schools; the LSU's and the Michigan's. Those are great programs, but I wouldn't think that they would have gotten the same reception that I have from Nebraska and Nebraska fans because of the importance of the football program to the state as a whole."


"I met up with Shawn Sullivan at College Station during 7 on 7. That was real brief because they were in the middle of a game. I have spoke with Anthony Blue too."

"I have just been spending so much of my time doing homework. I haven't had a chance to really call any recruits that I have wanted to. I have to remember what I am working for and getting to Nebraska."


"I know that Nebraska is going to have a great season this year. They are looking at about 10 wins this seasons and a huge bowl game. I know that the program is going to speak for itself. They are going to be back in the national spotlight and it will be something to be excited about. I am going to have them to support this fall and be behind them 100%."

"Nebraska is restoring the order. They are returning to the national spotlight. They are really going to turn some heads this year with the type of season that they are going to have."

"I think that we are going to have a great year this year at Wylie. We have a bunch of talent. We are going to go as far as we want to this year. We are moving up to 5A and everyone is excited about it. It's kind of one of those things where people are pessimistic and the players on the team are looking forward to playing against better competition. We really want to prove ourselves in the state's highest classification."


"As far as not being too publicized before making a commitment, I just want to encourage them to wait it out. I am going to have a much better opportunity to showcase my abilities as a player, individually. People out there are looking for stats. We are going to throw the ball probably 60-65% of the time in a game."

"The attempts are going to be there. Hopefully I can maintain a high completion percentage. I should throw for a bunch of yards. If I can't gain some people's respect then I am never going to get it."

"I really just want to do my best this year, have a great senior year and get up to Nebraska."

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