Sunday Night Chat with Demetrious Davis

It's not often YOU the fan has a chance to ask questions to future or even current Huskers. Well, now you can. Through a moderator in our regular Sunday night chats you have your chance to ask questions to current Husker commitments. This week's commitment was three-star Demetrious Davis. Check out your questions and his answers in our transcript of the Sunday night Q&A. recruiting analyst Andrew Bone served as the moderator for this chat, relaying fan questions to Davis and relaying his responses to the fans.

BryanMunson:: Is Davis on? I want the first question!

BryanMunson:: Recent rumor about you looking at Missou, is it true?
AndrewBone:: (Demetrious Davis): I am strictly Nebraska...not looking around at all.

HuskerMo:: Have you set up an official visit to NU yet?
AndrewBone:: (DDavis): Not yet/Official visit. I'm going for an unofficial visit Monday to visit with the coaches and discuss defensive schemes.

HuskerMo:: Have you ever been to a Husker Home game before?
AndrewBone:: (DDavis) I have not yet, but plan to go to a lot this season.

Blackshirts98:: Do other schools still call you and recruit you?
AndrewBone:: (DDavis) They send text messages everyday. It is annoying. Basically all the schools that have offered me still recruit me.

oldfather:: What is the strongest point in your game?
AndrewBone:: (DDavis) The 4th qtr. when all others are tired, I still go 100% the entire game.

SteveRyan:: My question for Demetrius: What have you heard if anything, locally, when it comes to going to Nebraska. Do you still hear a lot of people saying you should go to Missouri?
AndrewBone:: (DDavis) No... People start rumors. People are saying I am going to visit, and they are out of the question anyway.

DarthHusker:: Is Demetrious familiar with other famous Huskers from Missouri?
AndrewBone:: (DDavis): Rucker is from my same HS, and we talk a lot.

OLDSCH00L:: Davis - are you going to visit other schools in either an official or unofficial capacity?
AndrewBone:: (DDavis) No, I do not plan to officially or unofficially visit any other schools.

SteveRyan:: Do you ever tell the coaches to leave you alone and respect your decision?
AndrewBone:: (DDavis):Yes, I tell them to respect my decision.

georgianhusker:: Davis, what do you know about Nebraska and the blackshirts?
AndrewBone:: (DDavis): blackshirts: Five national titles, sold out games.

georgianhusker:: Davis, have you talked to or made friends with any of the current players or recruits?
AndrewBone:: (DDavis) A couple of weeks ago with Wayne Kelly, but I plan to meet with several on Monday.

HuskerMo:: In your commit update, you said: "I have been dreaming about being a Husker my entire life" Why is that, proximity or NU tradition?
AndrewBone:: (DDavis) Tradition.

georgianhusker:: What is your current height, weight, and 40?
AndrewBone:: (DDavis) 6-4, 280, 4.7

Blackshirts98:: so they talk neg about Nebraska?
AndrewBone:: (DDavis) Negative recruiting...No.

SteveRyan:: Question for Demetrius: If you could put one of the following at the top, which was most important to you about Nebaska: Relationship with coaches, depth chart/opportunity to play early, your knowledge of the Huskers, their defensive scheme?
AndrewBone:: (DDavis) At the top: relationship w/ the coaches, the key in every program.

Blackshirts98:: What do you like about John Blake?
AndrewBone:: (DDavis) Blake: He was an awesome guy. I look forward to him coaching me.

OLDSCH00L:: Demetrious - what tech do you prefer to play... a 1 tech or a 3 tech?
AndrewBone:: (DDavis) Recruited to play 1-tech, but it doesn't matter. They may switch me around.

HuskerMo:: Any other players in your area have D-1 potential?
AndrewBone:: (DDavis) Andrew Gilmore. He is getting looks by Nebraska.

Blackshirts98:: How much do you bench press and squat right now?
AndrewBone:: (DDavis) Bench Press 450, 575 Squat

SteveRyan:: Dmetrius: You had a lot of schools to choose from, but does being a Division 1-A commit now put pressure on you to do even more your senior year? Go out with a real bang?
Andrew Bone:: (DDavis) No additional pressure. I will get tested more, but that's when I play better.

Blackshirts98:: When did you first hear from the Nebraska coaches?
AndrewBone:: (DDavis): 1st hear: Early May.

OLDSCH00L:: Demetrious - ideally what weight do you want to get up to?
AndrewBone:: (DDavis) All depends on the position I play.

georgianhusker:: Davis, is there any part of your game that you want to improve on more than anything else?
AndrewBone:: (DDavis) improve: technique.

ComicGirl:: Davis, have you picked out which game you will officially visit for?
AndrewBone:: (DDavis): I plan to go to every home game. Not sure the official visit.

HuskerMo:: What class is his High School?
AndrewBone:: (DDavis): Class: 4A. Last year's record 8-3.

georgianhusker:: Davis, what # do you wear now, and what # do you want to wear in Lincoln?
AndrewBone:: (DDavis) HS #1, NU #95

OLDSCH00L:: Demetrious - what defensive front do you currently play in?
AndrewBone:: (DDavis) Defensive front 4-3.

georgianhusker:: When do you think that you will arrive on campus?
AndrewBone:: (DDavis) I plan to arrive in June.

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