Castille has Nebraska #1

Size was something that Nebraska tried to get a lot of in their class last year. Height and size are as much a physical as well as a psychological weapon. Opposing teams always take note. Teams couldn't help but take note of a 6-foot-1 and 215 pound running back if they were going against him.

Quentin Castille is listed at 234, but he has cut a little weight down to 215. What once looked like a fullback prospect at the next level has opened a few more doors and could play running back at the next level.

"The summer has been going good," Castille said. "I have been working out. I was hoping to lose a little weight."

One of the incentives to possibly lose some weight was because that is what Castille likes and that is what a lot of teams would like to use him for. It was their recommendation to get his weight down a bit, as well as his 40 time. He has done both.

"People are recruiting for me as a RB, at least the schools that I like. They all told me that they want me a little lighter. I am about 215 with 4.4 speed."

Summer is about over, but players have long since been in a dead period for recruiting. That hasn't stopped schools from mailing and texting. However, Castille got a lot of that to stop.

"Recruiting is still going pretty strong. I haven't been getting a lot things from other schools other than those I narrowed it down to though."

When Castille says that he has it narrowed down, he means to a top three and in numerical order. He has a clear-cut, #1 team. "At number three I have Iowa State. At number two I have Indiana. My number one school is Nebraska."

Why Nebraska? Well, Castille loves the attention that he has been getting. "They have been showing me a lot of attention lately. They have a really good program. They had a really good team last year."

As well as the attention, the type of offense that Nebraska and La Porte (Texas) run are similar. "I think that I fit their style pretty good. They run the same offense that we do now."

Castille is a big back, but don't just label him as such. He is anything but one-dimensional. "I can do it all as a running back. We run a spread/West Coast offense. They use me as a flanker and I have been working on catching passes."

A visit to Nebraska could come sooner before later for Castille. The talks are taking place between Nebraska, Castille and his family about a trip to Nebraska before school begins.

"I have been looking at taking a visit up there. I should be setting one up to go up there really soon. Me and my uncle have been talking to Coach Gilmore about it. We will probably get up there before school starts."

Castile finished last year with 1,203 rushing yards on 161 carries averaging 7.5 yards per carry. He also scored 12 touchdowns last season for La Porte. He won all-district in 22-5A last year.

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