Down to four?

Names keep popping up on the recruiting radar, and according to the database, this player is still a firm commit to a Big 12 North school. That is simply not true. I finally spoke to the player himself and he has set the record straight on the commitment and who is in the running.

A name that many won't know is on the market again is Donald Stephenson. The 6-foot-6, 280 pound standout from Kansas City (Mo.) Central is not considering himself a commit to Kansas anymore.

"I was committed to Kansas," Stephenson said. "I backed out on it. It was really about the timing and needing to make sure I make the right choice. The coaches at Kansas understood."

Stephenson is staying focused on recruiting and the upcoming season. "The summer is going good. I have really been working on my strength and agility."

Stephenson is a big body that obviously has above average athleticism with a 5.0/40 time to go along with his other strengths. "I have better feet than most. I play light on my feet. I can pull and I understand offenses."

Stephenson is up to four offers. Of course the offer from Kansas is still on the table. However, things have opened up a little bit and fairly recently picked up another big offer.

"I have four offers. They're from Kansas State, Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska. Nebraska is the last team to offer me."

When it comes to who Stephenson is most interested in it is obviously the teams that have offered. "The offers are the teams that I am most interested in. Nebraska was the last to offer and I haven't had a chance to meet their coaches."

Before the Nebraska offer, it might have been down to three, but as said before the offer has opened the door a bit to Nebraska. The variables here are time to get a trip in because he hasn't been there before.

"I probably need to go up there to Nebraska. I really need to take a look at them. I do want to get up there to make sure that I evaluate all of my options."

It's a little tough getting a hold of Stephenson right now and getting up there with so little time might be a problem. "Coach Cosgrove is recruiting me from Nebraska, but I haven't spoke to them in three weeks."

The three weeks is a little concerning, but Stephenson has been without a phone because it was stolen for a while now. "The last time I spoke to Nebraska was before my phone was stolen. I know that they like me to play line somewhere."

Stephenson is a top prospect from the Midlands region. He will be a four year varsity starter and was all-league as a junior.

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