Glover takes in Lincoln

One of the top players in the Midwest is Jared Glover. The talented LB/DE from Bixby (Okla.) has narrowed the field down to three. Beyond that though, the idea was to get in another visit to each of the three schools and decide. He was in Lincoln today and gave a glowing review about the visit.

Jared Glover has become a popular topic of recruiting conversation lately. The 6-foot-5 and 220 pound LB/DE has set up some of his last trips and was set to make a decision soon. He was on one of those last trips today.

"Yes I am up in Lincoln right now," Glover said. "I was supposed to be here yesterday, but that got pushed back today. We are going to Misty's right now."

One of the things going on in Lincoln was the move of the offices from the South Stadium to the new faculties. Did Glover get a chance to see the new offices and what were his thoughts about the new facilities?

"Yes they did move and it was awesome. It all looks great. A long story short, they have the nicest facilities in the country. They are totally incredible. They are that good."

That said, where does Nebraska fall now? "They're up there, top three definitely. I got to speak with Coach Callahan again and he it is an honor to speak to him. I really like it up here."

Glover was set to just take three more visit to his favorites, unofficially and decide. Admittedly the last time he spoke to Big Red Report he was a little overwhelmed by the process.

"I have decided that I will go and see one of the first games at each of my top three. That is Colorado, Arkansas and Nebraska."

Glover was just recently in Arkansas and wants to see each of his favorites again, but Colorado won't be seeing Glover tomorrow. "I haven't been out to Colorado again. I was supposed to go out tomorrow, but it went completely over my head that it was my mom's birthday. I shouldn't have forgot about that."

The dates for Glover's official visits have not been set up yet. He does have a preference as to when he would like to get there though.

"I have not set up the dates when I will come back for the home game. I will look at the schedule and pick out the game that I will come back to. I would like to see someone in the Big 12."

Glover wasn't able to see Nebraska for their spring game and admits that there are some things about a Nebraska game day that he just wants to witness for himself. "I just want to see a game day atmosphere. I just want to see the "Sea of Red".

Unsolicited, Glover made sure that he got a couple of last remarks in about Nebraska before he went to have dinner.

"Before you let me go I just want to say a couple of things. I think that anybody would be privileged to play at Nebraska. They have built a championship facility for a championship team. I couldn't give the visit anything less than '10'."

"I couldn't got anything more than I wanted out of it. I got all of the information that I needed. I was impressed with the facilities. I got to speak with a Dr. about my pre-med major. I got to speak with the strength coach too. I got a lot out of it."

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