Nebraska hosts big-time unofficial visitor

Nebraska has seemingly gotten more than its share of unofficial visitors over the so-called off-season. That's good, because it lets kids get an early look at a school, which could be in the mix in the end. Nebraska got a visit Friday, though, that's arguably the biggest one thus far, both figuratively and literally. And he rated it a "10."

Sitting on 42 offers, offensive lineman Javario Burkes probably doesn't need anymore attention. You can imagine that when all of the schools start calling, it's going to be a whirlwind of sorts. That may very well be, but there's one coach who probably can't recruit Burkes any harder, which is why Burkes decided to make the unofficial visit he made this last Friday.

"Coach Busch has been recruiting me harder than anyone," Burkes said of Nebraska safeties coach Bill Busch. "Because of that, Nebraska has always been that I have been thinking about."

Despite the number of offers, Burkes' visit to Nebraska marks only the second unofficial he has taken this year, the other being to the in-state Sun Devils of Arizona State. When comparing the two, other than the weather, there was one marked difference. "Their facilities are just ridiculous," Burkes said of the facilities at Nebraska, currently undergoing a $54 million facelift, which includes a new indoor football field and a weight room, which rests on the first floor, covering a total of almost 60,000 square feet.

"The weight room, the locker room – all if it was pretty unbelievable."

It wasn't facilities that prompted the visit, though, so it wasn't the facilities he specially wanted to see. It was those things that you can't really see. It's something you have to feel and Burkes said he got just that.

"I wanted to see what the coaches were like, how they acted and just get a feel for them," Burkes said "Coach Wagner (offensive line coach Dennis Wagner) is laid back, but he's a really into hard work, which I like. Coach Callahan (head coach Bill Callahan) was really cool and after you talk to him, you don't get the feeling that he was trying to be something he's not. He was just being himself, which is good."

As for Busch, the coach, who has recruited Burkes like he's the only guy on his board, Javario said it was nice to finally meet him. "I'd never actually talked to him in person before, so it was good to finally meet him," he said. "He was excited that I came up and it's always nice to put a face to the voice."

If there was one surprise to Burkes, it wasn't the facilities, because he had heard plenty about Nebraska when it came to their reputation in that area. The surprise to him was that they had a reputation in another area, which he wasn't entirely expecting. "When you think of real academically strong schools, you think of schools like Stanford," Burkes said. "But you look at all the Academic awards they have, the All-Americans, it was a pretty big surprise. That's something I really didn't expect. I knew they were a good school, but that was pretty impressive."

With two-a-days actually starting tomorrow for the Phoenix, Arizona native, Burkes is glad to have gotten a chance to make it up to see the big red. He wouldn't say that Nebraska ranks amongst his favorites, but only because he's firm right now in that he has none.

But he did say of trip that out of 10, it was most definitely a 10 and he knows he'll be making another trip back to Nebraska's capital city. "I'm definitely taking one of my official visits there. I know about the Texas game. I have my eye on that one, but I am making it up there for one regardless," he said.

When you are sitting on 42 offers, unless you have a clear favorite or a school you grew up watching, it's hard to know who is who and what they have to offer. Burkes is at that point to a degree, though, he has a least two schools more or less figured out.

It's the rest he isn't sure about, but the good thing for him is that with all the offers he has, he says there isn't one out there he's waiting on. Now, it's just a matter of working this list down, checking them out officially and then seeing where it all goes.

"it's exciting, but I don't want it to take from my season, because it's the last season I am going to be here," Burkes said. "I'm enjoying it, though, and it's going to be tough to choose a school, but I know I have a lot of great choices in front of me."

"It's just going to take time to figure it all out."

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