Big visitor on campus tomorrow for Nebraska

The defensive line will get a major overhaul this year for Nebraska with this recruiting class. There could be as many as six players taken along the defensive line varying from defensive tackles to open ends. One of the best interior, defensive lineman is on a bit of a summer trip and is set to hit three schools. Nebraska will be hosting this huge tackle tomorrow.

Although Big Red Report was unable to verify it directly with Simi Fili, it is pretty clear that he is out on the road getting in some visits. The 6-foot-2.5 and 315 pound tackle was unavailable to comment about the trips, but his mom did best to fill us in.

"Simi is on a trip right now," Simi Fili's mother said. "I am not totally sure where he will all be going."

It seems like Fili is traveling the furthest away first and making his way back closer and closer to home. That third trip on his tour may or may not be to Oklahoma State. Fili's mom couldn't verify.

"First he went out to Tennessee. Nebraska is next. I think that he is making a third trip after that too."

Fili hadn't checked in with his mom since he would have got a chance to actually tour Tennessee. "He only called me several times when he arrived in Tennessee. We didn't speak about the visit yet because he hasn't called."

The timeline looks like it will include Fili making it to Lincoln in the middle of the week to check out the Big Red. "I don't know when he will be in Nebraska. I think that it's on Wednesday."

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