Why didn't Jones make it to Lincoln?

It isn't always easy making summer travel plans. Lots of things can happen. Untimely sort of things that you couldn't see coming. That is all that has happened with Gerald Jones over the past couple of weeks. First it was Nebraska and now he won't make the trip to Kansas State this week.

The summer was supposed to be about getting out and sorting things out for Gerald Jones. It just hasn't worked out the way that he wanted it to unfortunately. The 6-foot, 185 pound athlete from Oklahoma City (Okla.) Millwood spoke about the missed trips.

"I just came back from Las Vegas, but that was for a basketball thing," Jones said. "I was supposed to go to Kansas State this week, but my transportation is all messed up. I won't be able to go there."

Beyond not getting up to Kansas State, he missed a trip the week before. "I was supposed to go to Nebraska on the 28th, but my coach was selling his house. He ended up not being able to take me."

"I probably won't be able to see Nebraska this summer now. I will have to wait until the season and go up there and watch a game or something. I don't know if that will be for an official or an unofficial."

One of the questions that you have to ask Jones about all of the teams that he is considering and vice versa is where do they want you to play? He is a total athlete and Nebraska has basically told him that he would have his choice of position.

"Nebraska likes me as either a running back, wide receiver or a defensive back. It's really up to me. I prefer to play running back. I think that I just have a natural running ability and vision."

At running back, Jones thinks that he could fit Nebraska's style. "I think that I fit the West Coast style. I want to catch the ball as much as I just want to get the handoff. I think so. I really prefer offense over defense."

With the summer about gone and probably no more time for trips, Jones still has yet to set up any officials. In fact, there are only two teams that it seems are assured to get officials from Jones.

"I haven't set up any official visits yet. I would like to see Florida and Notre Dame. After that I am not sure. Those two are towards the top for my official visits."

The summer goes quick. Ask Jones. He had thought that there would be enough time to get around and see more schools. However, he was just too busy and too many things would pop up limiting the chances of taking trips.

"My summer was supposed to be about going and seeing how many college as I could, looking up things and seeing what I liked and didn't like about some schools. I really didn't have much time. I didn't think that I would be this booked."

With not having that time to sit down and think about favorites, Jones couldn't help but say that he was just open. "I am still open. Yeah, I am open. I would say that I am open."

In just a week Jones will be back out on the field. This is a chance to repeat as the 2A state champs. Jones believes that there is as much talent on this team this year as there was last year. Only one thing might stand in their way. Themselves.

"We start two a days on August 8. I believe that we have the best team ever to go through Millwood. I think that we are just as good as the last class that won a state championship."

"We have a lot of talent. We have about seven division one kids that are seven and six or seven potential division one players that are underclassmen. We just have to beat egos. Once we accomplish that we can win state."

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