California CB, Leon Hall

As a high school recruit, if you can pick the right moment at the right time to show your best or perform at your maximum, you do that in front of the most people watching as pssible. For high school football recruits, Nike camps offer them that platform and the chance to prove just what they can do and if they can just turn some heads here, heads may turn all over. Leon Hall did that.

Leon Hall - CB - 5-11, 175, 4.4/40 - Vista, CA. - Some say the Nike camps are good. Some say they are bad. Whatever your reason for your opinion, you can't argue with the impact that a good performance at one of the many Nike Camps around the country can have. Just ask Leon Hall, who before his performance in the camp at Los Angeles was relatively unheard of, now, he's becoming a well known player. Well known enough that a ton of the "elite" have come calling.

"I only had two schools writing me before the Nike Camp", Hall said. Now I'm hearing from just about all the big schools across the country except the Florida schools." This was a quote from a Pac West Football report on July 8th. Even in that short period of time, the attention has continued to rise. Arizona, San Diego State, USC, UCLA, Colorado and Washington have all offered Hall and teams like Nebraska, Fresno State and Oregon are all taking a look and getting one back from Leon.

There isn't an overwhelming criteria as to what the college Leon attends must have to meet his requirements. "Just a feeling like I am at home" is what Leon called the most important factor for him.

Leon describes the ability to play corner as ideal, because it suits what he likes best about the position. "It's more me", Hall stated. "It's more involved when it comes to coverages and playing man on receivers." Oh yeah, he also doesn't mind that fact that he gets to hit people. "Yeah, I like that part to."

Leon's visits (officially speaking) aren't scheduled yet and he doesn't have any teams overall in mind as legitimate favorites.

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