RB going for 3,000 yards

Hmmm, Let's see. Herschel Walker, Shaun Alexander, Cedric Benson, DeShaun Foster and Steve Tate. These are just a few of the elite names that hold their place on a even more elite list. They are just some of the players that have rushed for more than 3,000 yards in a single season at the high school level. To say it's not easy is ridiculous. It's damn hard, but Courtney Tennial is looking to join that group this year.

Courtney Tennial Profile

Courtney Tennial - RB - 5-10, 208, 4.36 (timed at Tulsa camp) - Glenpool, OK - Oklahoma puts out good running backs. Whether you are talking about the collegiate level that produced Billy Simms or the high school level, Steve Tate who still stands as holding one of the best single-season rushing performances in terms of yards in high school history. Oklahoma puts out great running backs. Will Courtney Tennial be another stellar back to come out of the Sooner state? Last year's season says this one could be for the books, the record books that is.

If you can run for over 2,000 yards in a season, you've probably turned a few heads. Add almost 30 touchdowns and you're going to turn a few more. That's what Courtney did last year, but not wanting to rest on his laurels, he's not settling for that. "I want 3,000 this season" Tennial stated.

Tennial is a "power-back" by all descriptions, but more of it leans to his physical build and personal preferences in how he likes to attack defenders. Just his bench (330) and squat (520) along will tell you where Courtney's "strength" lies and you can tell by talking to him that he prefers a more physical approach. "Most of the time, I will just truck them over" Courtney stated in talking about any instance where he is isolated with a defender. "Sometimes, I want to use my quickness, but I usually just run them over."

Believe it or not, Tennial's full-time duties as the starting running back aren't the only thing he will be doing this season. Courtney will also be playing linebacker for Glenpool. Sometimes, the worst thing a defender can come against is an offensive player with the type of power that Tennial has and a defensive attitude to go with it.

Thus far, Courtney has five offers on the table from Oklahoma State, Tulsa, Colorado, Tennessee and Nebraska. Tennial has attended camps at Oklahoma and Tulsa while has unofficially visited those two, plus Oklahoma State.

There isn't a clear time-line for Courtney's decision, but he did voice that he wanted to officially visit the teams his final five teams after his high school season is concluded. That doesn't mean signing day for him, but it's not completely ruled out at this time.

So, with a goal of 3 thousand yards in mind, Tennial obviously has his sights set on much higher individual goals than before. This year, it won't be just about turning heads, it will be about jerking them clear around.

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