Lawrence takes in trip to Lincoln

Blake Lawrence has now been up to see Nebraska on three different occasions. The first was for the spring game with his family. The second paid with Brian Smith off and Lawrence was offered by Nebraska and linebacker coach Kevin Cosgrove. The third visit was to see the campus with his family for the first time as an offered recruit.

Nebraska is getting started into their fall camp, but they were hosting a familiar face yesterday. Blake Lawrence made his way up to Lincoln yesterday. There were some specific reasons for the visit.

"I was up in Lincoln yesterday with my step-dad," Lawrence said. "He hadn't met Coach Cosgrove or seen the facilities. Those were some of the main reasons."

"I also wanted to see the dorms, or the housing. I got a chance to see where they all stay their freshman year. I just got a chance to see the new facilities."

The dynamics have changed from the spring game, to the second visit to now. Lawrence was offered on his second trip when he was there with Brian Smith and Smith's family. Lawrence's family hasn't had a chance to really communicate, face to face, since the offer.

"That is one thing that I felt was another good reason to get up there. It is different that I have the offer. I feel more wanted. They are working hard to show me all that they can and they are paying attention to me. It's good to have that feeling that they want you. They want me and that is good to hear."

The facilities is something that Lawrence has really seen in different phases. There was the very incomplete phase in the spring. Then there was a later unofficial that Lawrence got to see a little more. This time, the coaches have moved from the south to the north and most of the changeover is complete.

"They're moved in, but they're not all the way done. It was really to see all the things again, in general. There's a lot of things that go into a decision and sometimes you just need to get up and see it again."

"They are just moving into the weight room, there are weights all over the place, but it's set up the way it's going to be and it looks really nice. It's one of the biggest weight rooms I have seen, if not the biggest. In the offices, everything flows really well. The locker room is awesome. Everything just looks really good."

Lawrence has been a pretty familiar face to see in Nebraska, but it's not like he isn't getting his trips into Kansas as well. In fact, he was just at Kansas to take in a practice. "I actually went to see Kansas practice this morning. Two different things on two different days."

It still seems that Nebraska and Kansas are Lawrence's favorites. Those favorites have been well announced by him and the media. However, it hasn't stopped other teams from getting in pursuit for one of the top linebackers in the nation.

"I just started speaking to California a couple of days ago. I have been talking to their coaches about the way that they did scholarships. It's a new school in the running with them contacting me. They are a top 10, top five team. It's cool to hear from them, but it's a little late in the process for me."

Lawrence is being very thorough in his recruitment. He has seen each school multiple times so what is left? What are the things that Lawrence needs to do to help him come to a decision?

"I might need some game day environments. I think that it's creeping up in time where I need to start breaking it down. I need to do some more research, but I think that I am getting closer and closer. I don't have a date on anything. It's going to be a feeling thing and when it's there, it's there."

The date remark isn't just on his commitment, but on visit dates. One of the next steps for Lawrence and his family will be to sit down and really think about how that will work. There is a definite convenience having both schools very close and maybe a commitment will come before any officials are made.

"I haven't yet. That is one thing that I need to talk to my family about getting one set up to Nebraska. We need to talk about taking the official during the season or to take the official after the season and make unofficial visits during the season. It all depends on if the commitment comes into play and if it does I will probably take my official after the season."

One rumor that has been floating around has been pressure for Lawrence to follow his brother to Kansas and stay local. The rumor hasn't been specific as to who is applying the pressure at all, but Lawrence spoke to the influences that he is feeling and about his decision.

"There has been some pressure like that, there are influences from all over the place. It's hard. I think that Kansas is a great place and that if I weren't being contacted by all of these other places; let me just say this, Kansas would be the easy choice."

"My brother is there and it's local. Maybe the easy choice isn't what's right and maybe the easy choice is what's right in the end. It's hard. There is definite Kansas support in my family, and there should be because my brother's there, but everyone is open to my choice, my selection and my commitment. Wherever that is to I know that I will be supported."

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