Harrison Beck goes AWOL

Amidst the 104 degree heat, the Nebraska football team practiced on the grass fields between Cook Pavilion and the Championship Indoor Center. The news should have been about all the players that were there, but the breaking news was about who wasn't, and it was one of Nebraska's potential stars. Head coach Bill Callahan addressed the issue of the missing Harrison Beck.

"We've contacted all the guys he's close to on the team. We've sent people out to look for him that are in our organization, and we have also contacted his parents to cover all our bases in terms of his safety and communication. Hopefully we'll hear something."

Those were the words of head coach Bill Callahan following today's practice as he announced that sophomore QB Harrison Beck was no where to be found. Beck was reportedly seen early this morning but missed the scheduled position meeting along with this afternoon's practice.

Redshirt sophomore wide receiver Nate Swift said that when he had seen Beck this morning nothing appeared out of the ordinary and he said no idea about what could have motivated his departure. "We talked to him after lunch, so I don't know what's going on," he said. As to whether or not Harrison seemed distraught or acting different from normal, Swift chuckled some when thinking about Harrison's unique personality and said that he was this morning, the same he's always been. "You know Harrison. He's the same old Harrison every day."

Beck goes into his second season, the assumed second string QB behind senior Zac Taylor. The spring was supposed to be Beck's coming out of sorts, that being the time he really got a chance to work with the team with a solid amount of reps.

A shoulder and hamstring injury slowed his progress, though, virtually taking him out of most of the spring practices. According to Swift, when it came to just the physical aspect, Beck was back to just like he was before the injuries occurred. "He had been looking good. He had his arm strength back from his shoulder injury," he said. "I didn't think he had anything to be mad about. I don't know what's going on."

Big Red Report will keep you abreast of the situation and if anything changes we will let you know.

You have read on the Blog on the Lincoln Journal Star site that they had talked to Harrison's mother. BigRedReport.com also just finished talking with her and all she would say was that Harrison had text messaged her, letting her know he was fine.

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