Another out-of-the-blue commit for NU

This is the year for commits out of the blue and Nebraska continues that tradition with their latest commit. Ryan Hill, a tight end out of Arvada West high school (Arvada, CO) made what he called a "gentlemen's agreement" on Saturday when he said he wanted to be part of the big red.

If you ask about the best tight ends in the state of Colorado, you will more than likely hear the name Steve Watson come up first. That's fine, and it's ok for people to think that, but someone out there might disagree. Ryan Hill would be one that says that Watson is great as are a lot of tight ends around the country, but he feels that you might be missing out on someone who could be just as good.

"I'd think I have to be up there with the top guys, because we use the tight end a little differently here," Ryan said. "We run out of the spread-no-huddle offense and I never put my hand on the field."

"I get worked out of the slot, out wide, kind of all over, so I am not really a typical tight end."

Ryan may not be typical, but his numbers make him no less deadly. During his junior year, Ryan caught 44 balls for 879 yards, scoring a total of 15 touchdowns, his longest score going for 78.

That's 20 yards per catch for those of you not keeping track at home.

The numbers say he can get it done and with a 6 foot, 4 inch, 235 pound frame, you have to like his physical potential. What's funny about Hill, though, is that perhaps for the first time in his high school career, he'll get to realize that potential at the same position for consecutive seasons.

"I played quarterback one year and I played safety another, and I thought I might play quarterback again this year," Hill said. "But we just figured that for the team it would be better if I stay there and I like it, because I think this is where I am at my best."

Growing up in the land of the Colorado Buffaloes, you'd think that this young man might have had fantasies of running up and down the field in Boulder, scoring a game winner, perhaps against the hated Cornhuskers.

Ironic then that Hill grew up thinking almost the opposite and it was ultimately a diehard Colorado Buffalo fan that said it was Nebraska where he should go. "My mom is definitely a Buffalo," Ryan said. "But we took our unofficial there in June and she told me that Nebraska was where I should go."

Ryan would tell you that it's great having mom's support, but it was history that motivated him toward his ultimate commit to the big red. His mom's seal of approval just made it that much easier.

"Since I have been a little kid I have always wanted to be a Husker," Ryan said. "I made my mom buy me an Eric Crouch jersey and I have beanies all over my room. It's just where I have always wanted to be."

"If Colorado had offered me or basically anyone else, I still don't think I would have ever chosen anyplace but Nebraska."

When Ryan took his unofficial visit, he laughed, because he saw most of the offensive line, a group that he said "were so big, they looked like they could eat me". He then saw the "End Zone" seating, a recent addition to Memorial Stadium, which sold for over $5,000.00 a piece and were sold all on the first day of becoming available, all within a few hours.

The history, the success and just watching them – that's all he needed to see. He only hoped that one day they would be looking his way.

Nebraska did, of course, and now add Hill to their class of 2007, which now boasts another commit from Colorado, following in the footsteps of last year, where players like Pierre Allen and Seth Jensen came from the Buffalo state as well.

Hill didn't think of that, though, when he gave his word that he was going to be a Husker. He just thought of what it would be like. "They have crazy fans there from what I hear and I really liked everything I saw when I was there," Hill said.

"Now it's just kind of neat to think about what it will be like when I make it there one day. That's some time away, but it's pretty cool to think that I am going to be playing at a place I dreamt of being."

"I don't think you could ask for anymore than that."

Hill becomes Nebraska's 9th commit and their second commit at the position, joining fellow tight end Ian Harris. With the speculation running rampant about Harris now reconsidering his decision, his commitment comes at an opportune time.

Hill has a 3.8 GPA

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