Witt's Journal: Part 2

Patrick Witt went back to Lincoln to revisit a lot of things about his commitment and the school that he committed to. He also wanted his mom and brother to see the school for the first time. Obviously then there is the situation with Harrison Beck and how it might affect Witt. Witt also has had a chance to look at weekends for his official in this edition of Witt's Journal.

Exclusive to just Big Red Report customers is "Witt's Journal". This week, Witt visits Lincoln again and also talks about the situation in Lincoln with the team and Beck.


The visit to Nebraska was great. It made me re-visit all of reasons why I made the decision. I got to see the football program in the new facilities and they are just amazing. We got to go by and visit some "mom stuff", like see the dorms, and she really liked that. We got to get out and really walk around the campus. That was something that I didn't get to do last time.

Really, my family thinks that Lincoln is just a great college town and of course I thought so too. I think that I am going to have a lot of fun there. It's really awesome. There is really a lot more to do there than what someone without any information would think. It's a capital town and it has a college in it. It really all inter-twines. I really think that the college experience is going to be great.

It was really fun to go back and re-visit the reasons why I chose to commit. It's really a great place to be.


My brother, Jeff, is really excited about the whole situation for me at Nebraska and it's just great to know that. We always talk and he says 'Man, I really just can't believe that you are going to be a Nebraska Cornhusker!'. Growing up it wasn't really a school that I followed a lot. We watched the Florida's, Georgia's, Auburn's and all of the SEC schools. To be out here and to know where we are going to finally end up is really exciting.


As far as Harrison goes, I really only know the information that has been released by the media. I have been reading in the newspaper what has really been going on, so I don't know more than anyone else on that situation.

Obviously something is up. A kid doesn't miss practice for no reason. Something is up. I really kind of want to take a neutral approach and hope that there is good reason for missing practice.

It's not good and something needs to come of it quickly. That would really be the best way because there are a lot of people asking questions right now. People are jumping to conclusions about what may or may not be right.

It would be a dream come true to get up there with the possibility of playing as soon as I am mentally and physically ready. If I am as a freshman great. It would be a tremendous opportunity. I would like to be on the field as soon as possible.


Coming out here (to Wylie) and really getting my feet wet with the whole spread offense has given me some confidence. I have never thrown before like that. I am out there throwing 100 to 200 passes a day and I have definitely improved in terms of my consistency. My arm strength has noticeably approved.

This is really the most confident that I have ever been when it comes to throwing a football. I have never been to this point before and I can see myself progressing. It's good to see that now with graduating early and being up there in the next six months. It's good to see myself making that jump and having a good time.

Our season opener is the same date and time as the home opener for Nebraska so I am going to miss that on TV. For the rest of the summer I am going to continue to work out, get up there and throw to the receivers and throw routes.

We are doing what we can right now without our pads on. Our fall camp opens up August 14 and we are really excited about it. It's starting to feel like football is here again.

People are excited about it; the fans, students and everyone. It's really going to be fun and it can't get here soon enough. I am really looking forward to the possibilities.

We have come together as a team. As far as the guys that I will be playing with, they are great. The entire offense has really gelled and we really have great chemistry. I am really going to be focusing on getting out there and really executing now.

We have input all of our offense and everyone should know what to do. It's really a question of getting out there and doing that. Everyone says that though. We have a great defense and I am really confident in myself, my receivers and the offense as a whole. I think that we are going to be great.

We are going into a tough district this fall and I was talking to my coach about realistic expectations of the team this year. We want to compete and we think that we have a team that can do that for us. I am looking forward to getting out there this fall and our goal is a district championship and see how far we can get in the playoffs.


About Rhett Bomar and Oklahoma, I still get regular mail from a lot of schools and from Oklahoma. Since the Bomar situation, I think that it's still really more of a state of damage control right now. I am sure that the program is kind of reeling right now from all of the negative publicity. I haven't received any real new recruiting attention from them since the Bomar thing happened.

I am still receiving a lot of mail from various schools on a daily basis, but no text messages or anything like that. I am keeping in contact the coaches at Nebraska and my decision is made. It's not a big deal. It's really exciting to know where I will be going and I don't need to worry about that.

I see where there are so many guys wanting to commit before their senior year to get it out of the way. They get to root on the team that they know that they will be playing for. They get to take on a sense of pride and an ownership of a team.

I would like to see Nebraska play as much as possible this fall. I have been in contact with Coach Jay Norvell about an official visit date. Nothing has been set yet. My bye week coincides with the Troy game. That may be a good one to get back for. Any game would be awesome.

I think that I will need to make that my official visit weekend so I can make it up there and have that Friday before the game. I am looking at getting in the whole experience about the official visit, not so much that game, but the experience.

I think that I will take in some Nebraska games as a spectator like at Texas A&M and Oklahoma State. I might even make another game or two up in Lincoln. It really just depends on my schedule here at the high school. We have meetings in the morning at 9:00 in the morning.

If it works out that it's a night game for Nebraska, I can get a flight and I can get home by Monday then I will make it to as many games as possible. I'd really like to get up there to meet some of the other recruits and give them the recruiting pitch.

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