Linebacker on the Rise

A soft-spoken voice and a seemingly neutral state of mind, Thomas doesn't strike you personally as someone that has that defensive player mentality. But, like so many outstanding defensive prospects, it's not off the field where he is trying to "strike" you the hardest. On the field, you might be surprised at just what this quiet sounding California standout says to his intentions towards unsuspecting ball-carriers. No doubt, that is just one of the reasons his stock is on the rise.

Thomas Williams Profile

Thomas Williams - LB - 6-2.5, 225, 4.58/40 - Vacaville, CA. - A strikingly fast LB (for his size), Thomas is becoming a hotter commodity as the year has gone by. Pac West states that he could end up as one of the hottest LB prospects coming out of the entire state of California before it's all said and done. Any question why everyone all of a sudden wants to know just what Williams is thinking when it comes to schools he is considering for the next four years? Naah, didn't think so.

Tallying a reported 85 tackles, 7 sacks and 3 interceptions, Williams has some good momentum built up for this up-coming season. He also has some momentum that continues to build with schools from around the country taking a closer look at him. Schools such as UCLA, USC, Oregon State, UNLV and Nebraska have already offered Williams, so with that kind of name association, it would be easy to think that more are soon to follow.

Thomas doesn't indicate that he has a favorite right now as he states, "I am just keeping my options wide open right now", but he does have an idea of what he is looking for. "I think it should fit me, I mean, the environment, what there is to do during the off-season" Williams stated. "Also, if I get along with the head coach and the position coach."

Thomas describes himself as a player as "I love the game of football and I love the contact". Sounds typical of most football players, especially on the defensive side, doesn't it? Well, the mild-mannered Williams also has a little bit of a mean streak in him as well, citing what he thinks when he finds himself in an isolated situation with a ball carrier and that particular player doesn't see him coming. "I am just thinking how far is the Ambulance away."

With no officials scheduled, Thomas is clear about what could happen in terms of schools he is looking at. "I have an idea right now, but this is early and things could change a lot before the end of the season." That much is true and with Thomas waiting until possibly the end of the season to take any of his officials, you never know who might end up on that list. I guess, that's why we keep calling them. :-)

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