LB, Joe Kedra......A tackling machine

When you hear about a football player that has 19 tackles in a game, that's pretty impressive. That's actually real impressive. What would you think about a player that averaged almost that for an entire season? Yeah, that's what I thought. No surprise why Joe Kedra has 20+ offers on the table. The only question now is, who's next.

Joe Kedra Profile

Joe Kedra - 6-4, 223,4.7/40 - Cherry Hill, NJ (Camden) - A self-described instinctive player, Kedra has shown some success. Ok, well actually, a ton of success. Averaging almost 19 tackles a game, Joe wowed the East Coast statisticians with some of his phenomenal performances. Joe even stated that he had one game where he tallied 13 tackles even before the end of the first half. Some say that numbers do not tell the full story of a player, but in this case, they are speaking volumes as to the prolific nature of this tackling machine.

189 tackles. To some, that might be a career in the high school ranks. To Kedra, it's one season and a season he wants to top. To say you are a "ballhawk" is redundant or to say that you could possibly have a nose for the ball, obscene. Joe doesn't just have a nose for the ball, he seems to be attached to it for most of the game.

To be that type of player, Joe stated that it's not about thinking, it's just about doing. "I just react" Kedra stated. "I can't put it any way other than that. I just go after the ball." A tenacity for tackling and an intensity for pain or at the very least, certain damage. That is Kedra's state of mind when he sees that coveted wide-open shot, but said that he wanted to make it a good one. "I want to make sure it's (the hit) clean and doesn't get me in trouble, but you hit them as hard as you can." Joe stated. "I mean, your eyes just light up when that happens."

Joe's intensity and ability to find the ball or at least, those carrying it has garnered him more than a chunk of attention. With a reported 20+ offers on the table, it's no longer about getting the focus on you, but about focusing on them. At this particular time, Joe isn't quite there, though he did say that he likes North Carolina, Penn State, Nebraska, Virginia and Virginia Tech. At this time, those seem to be the teams most likely for official visits "As of now" Kedra stated.

As to those teams Joe is looking at and all the other teams looking at him for that matter, Joe has his idea of what he wants in the school he plans on attending. "Aside from the football part, the academics are big." Kedra stated. "Football isn't going to be there forever for anyone, so academics are important."

Out of those that Kedra is considering for the immediate future, there is a preference, but one that he considers out of convenience more than actual conviction. "I keep in contact with North Carolina the most, not because they are my favorite school, but because we have the internet and I keep in contact with them through that and it's just been a little more than the others."

Joe stated to me that "I have a nose for the football". Again, that's an almost obscene statement considering just some of the numbers you saw above. You want some more? Aside from the 189 tackles, Joe picked off 5, 3 sacks, 2 caused fumbles and three touchdowns on defense and that's missing a game to boot. Any questions?

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