The Beast weighs in on his situation

If there is a position that Nebraska can't afford to lose anyone at might be at defensive line. There is paper thin depth there and there is a real need to develop what depth there is for the future. Here lies the dilemma, Nebraska's star DT recruit from junior college was in Lincoln until he had to return to California to finish up some things. When will he be in Lincoln?

One of the more heralded recruits from last year's class has to be Brandon Johnson from Compton (Calif.) C.C. "The Beast" is so valuable to Nebraska's situation because of his ability to play inside or outside defensive line.

Johnson was in Lincoln this summer for workouts before needing to return to California to clear up some things academically. Johnson is still out there right now.

"Things are going alright," Johnson said. "California is alright, but I am ready to get back to Nebraska. I had to come back to California and finish up some things. I had to get it stamped and get my A.A."

The work consisted of a grade that had to be improved on his transcript. Johnson has put in the work though and says that he is done in the classroom at Compton.

"I did have to do some work. One of my grades was screwed up on my transcript. Everything is good now. I already have my ticket set for August 17. I don't have anymore academic work to do. I will be back on my out there next week."

While the work is done, Johnson remains in California. The extra trip to California wasn't something that he was anticipating and has cost a lot of money to travel. Right now, Johnson has his ticket stamped, but it's not until next week.

"The work is done, but I had to turn around then and get another flight out. I had to wait awhile to get a flight because the tickets are so expensive. I will be back there on August 17."

There hasn't been any time off for Johnson while he hasn't been in Lincoln working out with the rest of the team he has been working out with a friend in California. His friend has some ideas about what Johnson needs to do to get ready.

"I'm ready. I have been working out with a linebacker that was at USC in 2003. He's been training me ever since I have been out here. I'm ready."

Johnson has been hearing good things about the team while he has been away. He admitted working very close with the other defensive tackles.

"Things were going good when I was in Lincoln. I was working with Ola Dagundero and Barry Cryer. We would be in the weight room together all the time."

Johnson is looking forward to a good home opener for Nebraska for more reasons than just the win. He is doing some personal celebrating as well. "The home opener is my birthday. I am looking forward to it."

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