Love looking at visiting Nebraska officially

While Jermaine Love doesn't have the vertical height that you might want in a linebacker, what he lacks in height he makes up in ability, speed and strength. People who overlook Love because of height will be missing out on a true playmaker. Love and his Garland (Texas) North team aren't formally practicing yet, but that is right around the corner.

Jermaine Love has been really leading by example all summer long for Garland (Texas) North. Love will be a returning starter to a team that played very well last year. He has been stepping it up this summer since he is not a senior.

"Right now we haven't started practices yet," Love said. "But, being a leader, we have been getting the whole team up there and running our routes and stuff like that. We have been working things together. We open up our fall camp in three days."

Love says that the summer has been productive at least for him. He hit some amazing numbers in the strength department and he attributes it to his dedication in the weight room and running.

"I think that I got a lot accomplished this summer. I was working on getting even faster and stronger than I already was. I got stronger than I thought I would. I just benched 385. All I have been doing this whole summer is running in lifting weights."

While there has been an increase in strength, the byproduct has been an increase in his own weight. He played last year at a pretty light weight. This year he has filled out.

"During the season last year I was always around 200 pounds. Right now I weigh 218. I am still about 5-foot-11 or 5-foot-11.5."

The summer is a no contact period, but text messages can still happen and the recruit can still call schools. Love recently picked up a pair of new offers. "Recruiting is still going good. I picked up new offers from Wisconsin and Texas A&M. Those just came in. I don't know how many that makes though."

Love wasn't sure how many offers he was up to now, but mentioned some of the others off of the top of his head. "I have offers from Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa State, San Diego State, Arkansas, Tulsa, Oklahoma State, Indiana, Washington State, Nebraska, Texas Tech and those are just off of the top of my head."

Love is looking forward to his senior year, not just for the fact of getting on the field, but he has been tapped to replace Donte Bean who was their running back last year. Big shoes to fill considering Bean did go division one last year to Kansas.

"I am going to have a good season. I am going to start both-ways. I am going to be starting at linebacker and running back this year. I have been doing conditioning all summer. I am going to show what I can do out of the backfield."

Love thinks that he can get some people to forget about Bean, but he obviously still wants to play linebacker in college. "I still want to play linebacker in college. My vision is my strength. I can see things happen before they actually happen and I get around those things. I go sideline to sideline as a linebacker and I am physical."

It's been a long summer for Love, but he hasn't had a lot of time to think about who his favorites might be. On a whim he rattled off about six teams that he is looking at.

"I haven't really thought about my favorites at all. I mean, I like Kansas State, Iowa State, Nebraska, TCU, Arkansas, and Oklahoma State. I like those schools off of the top of my head."

When it comes to Nebraska, there are a few things that pop out to him. Coach Jay Norvell has been recruiting Love and Love said that he looks forward to talks with the Nebraska coach.

"I love Nebraska's tradition. I know that they are looking for a lot of linebackers. I know that they have the Blackshirts. I also know that they have great academics up there."

When it comes to Love's decision, he is looking for a place where he can get his degree first and foremost. "I am definitely looking for a place where I can go and learn. I am looking for attention in the classroom. I definitely want to go to college and get my degree. Distance isn't a big thing for me."

The favorites haven't gotten a lot of thought and neither has Love's official visits. He does know of one that he will be making though. "I don't know who I would like to take my official visits to right now. I know that I definitely want to take one to Nebraska though."

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