Husker connection not enough for Scott

Last year Nebraska was able to successfully go into Daytona Beach (Flor.) and pull out a recruit. Not only did they pull out a recruit, but it was a recruit that Florida State and others wanted. Going forward to this year, Nebraska is trying to dip back into Daytona Beach, and this recruit knows Cruz Barrett, but it doesn't seem to be enough to get him to think about Nebraska.

One of the better cornerbacks in the southeast this year is James Scott. The 5-foot-10 and 165 pound Scott is getting ready to start practice and believes that the hard work that he put in this summer went well.

"The summer went good," Scott said. "It went fast. I was mainly just working on my strength. I was also working on my speed and really just trying to polish up on my technique."

The team at Daytona Beach (Flor.) Seabreeze wasn't as good as it typically is. However, a lot of the core players though return and Scott said that they are looking a lot better.

"We are looking real good right now. We have a lot of senior leadership and that makes the team a lot better. We have a lot of guys stepping up."

"Last year we went 5-6. We finished third in our district. We are bringing back everyone from last year though for the most part."

Scott was effective on defense and special teams. He hauled in some serious honors for a junior. "I had three kickoff returns for touchdowns, two touchdowns and I am not sure how many tackles I had exactly. I won second team all-state, first team all-district and first team all-Central Florida."

Scott really credits his success thus far to being in the right place at the right time. He was able to play very early on in his high school career and made the most of it.

"I got the chance to come in and play early as a freshman. I have developed a lot as a player over the years. I have just been a humble guy on the field and tried to be a leader. That has helped."

"I do it all well (at cornerback). I can cover. I can hit. I think that I am an all-around cornerback. I am someone that you can rely on. I can play bump and run, but I can also sit back in the zone."

Scott is into the double-digits for offers. "I have about 10 offers. They're from Florida, Ohio State, Alabama, Tennessee, Auburn, Kentucky, Louisville, Maryland, Nebraska and LSU."

Out of those 10, Scott has a list of five that he would call his current leaders. "Yes, kind of. I have kind of a top five I would say. Florida, Ohio State, LSU, Alabama and Tennessee would be my top five."

Scott is looking for some key things when it comes to choosing a school. "I am looking for tradition, the atmosphere, the coaching staff and the players. I am also looking at the chances of me coming in and playing early. Distance isn't really a factor."

While Ohio State is getting considered, the furthest away school is not. While they are the furthest away, there is someone there already that Scott would know.

"At first, distance wasn't a big thing for me with Nebraska. A friend of mine is going to be a freshman there this year, Cruz Barrett. Knowing someone that would be out there with me would be nice."

"I haven't had a chance to talk to Barrett recently. I am not really considering Nebraska anymore though. It really is kind of far and I don't really know too much about them."

The rest of the process will be fast and furious for Scott. "I plan on making my decision in late October. I plan on taking all of my visits through September and October and then make my decision."

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