Lawrence sees Nebraska again

Some might think that you could feel more about a potential recruit because of the time or the visits that they take there. When you talk about Blake Lawrence though you have to consider a bit of a different approach. Other players think that they are thorough about the process, but Lawrence is thorough on a whole new level.

Thorough is a word that you could use to sum up Blake Lawrence and his approach to his recruitment. Cautious? Maybe. Let's just say that no one is more aware of the significance of the words "I committed" than Lawrence. He wants to be sure.

Who can blame him? For the second time in two weeks Lawrence took in an unofficial visit to Lincoln. This time is a different part of a family, but just as important to him and his decision.

"I went up to Nebraska last Friday," Lawrence said. "I went on the 4th with just my step-dad. My step-dad has had a big role in all of this. He's very proud to be part of the whole process."

"My dad has been there through everything. I get all of my mail there and my step-mom takes care of all of the mail. She takes care of me. My dad has been a key person for me to talk to."

"I had to take them up and show them what I have seen when I go up there. That was the first reason to go up there. Being there just a week before, not much is going to change. I could pretty much give a tour of all the facilities. It was nice to know my surroundings."

While Lawrence found himself saying that nothing really could change in a week he then sang a bit of a different tune because of the construction on Nebraska's campus. He is up to speed about the upgrade and can see the changes in just a week.

"At any given point there is 250 guys working on the facilities. You can tell too. The progress that they make in a week is unbelievable. They got new furniture here. They got new glass casing. They put in a while juice bar, service station in the lounge area. That is just in one week."

While Lawrence was half-way interested in looking at the changes to the facilities, he and his parents were also interested in looking into college credits that he has earned already before stepping foot on a four year university's campus as more than a visitor.

"They were are both interested in academics. I will come into college with just over 30 hours of college credit from Johnson County Community College which does transfer up to Nebraska. That would be a point of interest. They were just very impressed with the facilities, which is understandable because they would impress anybody."

At Kansas, there are some things in the news that Lawrence is interested in as a recruit and as a concerned family member of a player there. The NCAA is investigating some irregularities and Lawrence admits there isn't a lot out there about it right now. The good news is that Kansas is feeling pretty good about their self-punishment.

"I have heard a little bit about it. There isn't much to read about it until they make their decision on the 30th or something. My brother is there so obviously it concerns me and my family about his success there and his future. I'll be following it as well as just being a recruit and needing to know about it."

"From what I heard, the self-imposed sanctions by Kansas were pretty stiff. I am not sure what term to use, but they should be in good standing from what I have heard. I haven't been following it too closely."

A friend of Lawrence just decided to pull the trigger on a commitment to a Big 10 school. Before the recruiting process really began there was a lot of talk about how the two would like to go play at the same school.

"I saw that Brian Smith just committed to Iowa. Back in February both Brian and I talked about playing together in college. It's kind of hard when Iowa didn't send me any mail. I think that they got a good one. I like watching his highlights and it's hard seeing him go to a place that I can't show heavy interest in. He's going to be great wherever he goes."

Lawrence is looking at a particular game for a Lincoln official visit. It would have some significance to him as the two teams that he is looking at will be squaring off very early into the conference schedule. He is a bit less uncertain about which weekend the Kansas visit will be.

"I haven't set up any dates yet. One thing that I am thinking about would be the Kansas/Nebraska game in Lincoln on week five. That would set up for a pretty nice weekend to see my top two teams play against one another. I don't know if I would visit Kansas before or after that game. I would have my decision shortly after that."

Before Lawrence really got into the process, the timeline had Lawrence probably either committed by now or getting ready to commit. While it's always good to have a schedule that you would like to keep unforeseen things pop up. When those things pop up you need to give them their due.

"Everyone wants to have a timeline, I wanted to have a timeline and I still want to have one. When some factors come up that you need to look into then you have to look into some things. You need to do all of your research. Because when it comes down to it it's a big commitment."

Lawrence has started communicating with a Nebraska commit. A commit that he hasn't had a real good chance to catch up with in an extended conversation, but he admitted that the time is coming to really get a chance to get a conversation with the future quarterback at Nebraska.

"I actually sent Patrick Witt a text the other day. I am probably going to have to bug him here pretty soon."

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