Crick sees a practice in Lincoln

When they say that it's a whole new level it's more than the speed of the game. It's the effort. It's the size of the players. Some kids have an advantage of being clearly the most talented player or the biggest player on the field, but in college all are pretty similar. Jared Crick was reminded about a lot of things that he knows that he will be working on now and for years to come.

One of the two Nebraska commits from Nebraska, Jared Crick, was able to take in a practice recently. The difference in Lincoln at practice and at Cozad (Nebr.) is pretty noticeable according to Crick.

"Yeah, I was recently in Lincoln," Crick said. "The practice was intense. I have never seen a practice so energetic in all my life."

"It was tempo and enthusiasm. They were just "Bam! Bam!" and doing their drills. It was energetic. People were getting fired up. I think that is the way it should be in big time practices."

Crick was in Lincoln to take photos for, what is sure to be, one of many honors that he will earn this year. This one was for being one of the top players in the state going into the season.

"I had a photo shoot for the local paper there in Lincoln. We just decided to stay the weekend and go to the practice on Saturday. It was for something like the Super Six. I got the Super Six honors too. Those are the only two honors so far, but all-state comes out in a week I think."

Crick was able to do some checking up on a Cozad native while he was in Lincoln. Dreu Young was part of the reporting 105 man roster and Crick caught up with him to see how things were going.

"I did get a chance to talk to Dreu Young a little bit. He says that he likes it a lot right now and that he is planning on red shirting. He is not doing much. He said that he will be on scout team and that he will get in the mix."

The situation at Nebraska for next year will be very favorable to defensive line recruits. Nebraska is losing their entire starting defensive line and Crick is a player that could be looked at to contribute as a freshman.

"I have thought about the situation there a little bit and I think that everyone wants to come in and play as a true freshman. Only some have the ability. I think that I am good enough, but it's going to be a lot of hard work and I will be ready for it."

Getting ready for it is a process. The process, according to Crick, isn't something that can wait. It's a change that needs to be made now in the way that everything is approached.

"I have to start now. I have to get into incredible shape. I need to learn how to work really hard. Those guys that I saw there go 100% all the time. If they don't they're in trouble. High school practices aren't so uptight about that. I need to make that adjustment now."

"I am definitely going to have to start running a lot and I am going to have to try and get my speed down. I think that I need to gain 10 pounds by the time that I get to camp next year. Right now I am about 245. I would like to get up to 260 and not lose any of my speed. My best 40 time so far has been a 4.75."

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