Maples favoring two right now

For the past couple of years, a junior college defensive tackle has been a constant in the Nebraska recruiting class. This year seems to be no different with Nebraska graduating their entire starting defensive line. One prospect has popped up at Visalia (Calif.) College of the Sequoias and has an early Nebraska offer. Where are the Huskers on his leader board?

Andy Maples and Visalia (Calif.) College of the Sequoias should have a very, very good football team this year. They have a lot of talent coming back and they spent the summer together, as a team, getting ready for the fall.

"It went well," Maples said. "I just spent my time working out in our positions kind of like a regular practice. So, everything went well."

College of the Sequoias is actually already out of fall camp and into regular practice already. Maples is looking at two scrimmages the next two weekends.

"We are out of camp actually. We are getting geared up for our first scrimmage. Our inter-squad scrimmage is this weekend and next weekend we travel to Bakersfield. Our first game is the first weekend of September."

As far as recruiting, Maples is being looked at to play the defensive tackle position. "Everyone likes me as a defensive tackle. My strength is my first step and strength. I have been getting better at individual moves and I have been getting better at them."

Maples is athletic for a man with his size and that is perfect for a three technique. "I prefer to play three-gap. I have a 4.9/40. I am about 6-foot-3 and 295 pounds. That is where the coaches want me to be. I played last season at about 320."

Maples already has six offers on the table and has pegged two as his leaders. "I have six offers. They're from Mississippi State, Washington, Washington State, Texas Tech, Missouri and Nebraska. Right now my leaders would be Nebraska and Missouri."

Making this decision will be a little complicated for Maples. First there is the education that he knows is so important. But secondly there is a want to get back closer to home to play. A want that so far hasn't been answered by getting any offers from that area.

"First of all I would like to get my degree and move on from an educational standpoint. The sport always goes away. I want to get my degree and then put emphasis on my football career."

"I would like to get back and play SEC football, and I really would go anywhere to play division one football, but I would really like to get closer to home. It's all division one football and that is all that matters."

"I'm not going to be really picky about the location of the school that I choose, but I wish that it would be closer to my home. I was born and raised in Alabama."

Maples had this to say about his current leaders, Missouri and Nebraska:

Missouri - "It's a good program. One of our linebackers just signed there and he talks real good about it there."

Nebraska - "Nebraska is a well run program. I like their academics and their staff. I'd like to be a part of it."

Maples is looking at the season starting now in just two weeks and knows who his top two leaders are. However, he hasn't set up any visits yet. "I haven't set up any visits yet. I will be taking official visits to at least Nebraska and Missouri."

As mentioned before, College of the Sequoias is loaded this year and potentially have as many as three players that have or will have Nebraska offers. "I don't know if Nebraska has offered A.J. Jackson or not. I know that they offered Woody Turenne. I don't know about A.J. though."

Maples claims that he should be in a position to leaver College of the Sequoias at the end of the fall/winter semester to enroll in the spring.

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