Washington listing Nebraska among favorites

One of the top athletes in the state of Florida seems to have narrowed things down a little as of right now. There aren't any official visits set yet, but if he had to choose them today he could rattle off who the top five schools were. As of right now, it doesn't look like he will be staying in the area so what will he be looking for in his decisions?

The summer is over and the reality has hit for most and that includes homework. LaTravis Washington found himself having to already work on a paper. It's that time of year again, but it seems to come a little earlier with where he is.

"We've already got homework to do," Washington said. "That's Florida! We started last week. We start really early."

With the begin of school though comes the feeling that football is around the corner. Washington has been looking forward to this for a while and he has high hopes for Bradenton (Flor.) Bayshore this season.

"I have been looking forward to getting on the field. I think that we are going to be pretty good and we have a new coach and everything."

The new coach has come in and will be leaving Washington at quarterback and safety. The style of offense won't stay the same though and because of that Washington will have the ball in his hands a bit more.

"The offense is changing. We will be doing more running and option. It will be fun to do and I get the ball back in my hands a lot more."

It's a quiet time for recruiting, but Washington understands the circumstances. It's been a good absence so to speak to work on the upcoming season. There really hasn't been much thought given to anything other than his leaders.

"Recruiting is going alright. It's kind of quiet. Everyone is in their two a days. I haven't set up any official visits yet, but I will probably will soon. I will probably go to Michigan State, Notre Dame, Texas, Ohio State and Nebraska."

Of those five leaders, two like him as a safety and three like him as a quarterback. Above all, Washington says that he is holding offers from all five of the schools on his list.

"Nebraska and Notre Dame like me as a safety. Michigan State, Ohio State and Texas all like me as a quarterback. I have offers from all of those schools."

Besides those five offers Washington isn't really sure how many offers he has. Honestly, there were so many that he just lost track. "I really don't know how many offers I have any more. I kind of lost count. It got to be too many."

All five of the schools that Washington is considering the most right now aren't in his immediate area. That puts an interest on what Washington is looking for.

"I am looking for, of course, a good education. I will be looking at playing time. I will also be looking at the atmosphere. I also want to have it feel like home especially if I go up North or whatever. When I take all of my visits I will feel that."

The season is right around the corner for Bayshore, but before that Washington is looking forward to an upcoming scrimmage. "We have our first scrimmage this weekend. Our first official game will be next week. A week ahead of all of the other college games pretty much."

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