Witt's Journal: Part 3

The season is just about upon us. It means a lot of things to Patrick Witt to just about have the season here. He will get his first chance to take the field as a Pirate for Wylie (Texas). Second, it means that his brother is off to school again. It also means that recruiting and a contact period are about to kick off again. How will Witt attempt to handle the big boys of college football?

Exclusive to just Big Red Report customers is "Witt's Journal". This week, Patrick talked about meeting the fans of Wylie, recruiting picking up from at least one school and the possibility of Nebraska going out and getting another junior college quarterback. Here is the latest addition of "Witt's Journal":


We had the community come out to meet the players. I signed a bunch of autographs. I got a chance to meet a lot of people. There were a couple of thousand people that turned out, I'd say and it was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed getting a chance to meet all the fans.

I was announced as a team captain that night. We voted on team captains on Wednesday night. The team voted and I was one of the five captains. It's a huge honor for me. I take it very seriously. I am proud to be a captain, proud to represent the team. I think that the guys chose some great leaders. The senior class is strong, they are setting the right examples and I think that they chose five good guys that won't let them down.


We have an open scrimmage this Friday night that the public can come out and see. I am not sure how it will be performed though. I think that we will have one live half. If that is the case I am looking to go out there and treat it like a game. I want to get out there against another team, get some defenses thrown at you and it will be basically like a practice on steroids.

The outcome doesn't really matter, we need to find out about ourselves. We would like to win when the 1's are in. It should really just be a good learning experience for all of us.


Jeff Witt, my brother, is leaving on Monday. This time last year when he was leaving to go to school sucked for me. I hadn't been to Harvard. I didn't know where he was going and I didn't know when he was going to be able to come back and visit us.

Now that I have been there it's better. I know where Harvard's at and I know what he's doing when he's up there. It's still really tough because we are really close and we'll always be that way. This time it will be easier because I know what to expect this time around.

There will be some times where I might get a chance to get out to Harvard to see him play. Jeff though will be the first person to tell me to get up to Nebraska and experience those games. It also might be a little tough to get up to Boston for a game.

Their games are all mid-day so it's nearly impossible for me to travel to see those. I have meetings on Saturday morning and plus there is only one flight out of Dallas that will get me there on time. Whether I can get on that flight in the first place or not would be tough.

My bye week is out of the question. I have already set that to go back to Nebraska for my official. That will be for the week against Troy.


A tight end has transferred into Wylie. His name is Jacarri Culberson. He's about 6-foot-5.5, 235 pounds and solid muscle. He is a physical specimen. He's already been worked in with the offense and he's been picking it up really quick.

It's funny, our offensive coordinator didn't know that Culberson was going to be showing up, and the day before he did he said 'I am thinking about working Jared Monk at tight end'. Monk is a big kid and a back up quarterback. Our coordinator thought we could really put some teams in a bind if we had a tight end.

We put in a package the next day and then Jacarri showed up on our doorsteps. It was a sign that it really was the right decision to make some plans for a tight end. It mixes things up. It will put defenses in a really bad spot. We have a run-pass threat there and a stud at that.

From what we have seen from him so far at practice we are excited about what he can do for us this fall. I used the tight end a lot at Parkview and I like to use them. They have sure hands and they are there for you when you need some extra blocking.

A tight end to a defense really makes them have to respect that player. They can't just have linebackers dropping and just rushing three because it's another run blocker in there. Jacarri is huge and we will definitely be using him in that capacity.

It really opens some things up for our offense. It helps us out as a whole team. He's got great hands and I think that he's faster than what some think he is. He's as good of a run blocker as he is a pass-catcher.


The calling period is going to be starting back up and there really isn't any way to get these schools to stop calling me. I think that I really owe them speaking to them on the phone and explaining to them my decision.

Some schools have been speaking to me a bit more recently. Oklahoma has been texting me and sending more things since the Rhett Bomar situation took place. They're recruiting another quarterback in this class now. Josh Heupel has been writing me and texting me more recently.

I am definitely not scared of any pressure from any school to look around. Some schools might try and play some negative recruitment or try and get me to think about some things. I have made my decision on Nebraska weighing every possible aspect and whatever they say to me I have already thought about. They won't sway my decision.


Regardless of me showing up in the spring, Nebraska was going to have three quarterbacks on the depth chart in the spring. Whether it was Harrison Beck or Brian Hildebrand it will still be three guys on the depth chart.

They were planning on bringing in another guy with me to put five guys on the depth chart and it would be no different now since Hildebrand is there and Beck is gone. They just traded one guy for another. There are no differences in the numbers and there really isn't a change in the situation either.

The less guys that are there could mean more reps. It still isn't going to affect my decision. You are going to run into competition everywhere whether it's four or five guys.

I know that Joe Ganz, Beau Davis and now Brian Hildebrand will have a leg up on experience from having their time in the offense. They are going to be the guys that know how to run the offense an I am hoping to learn from them.

I really hope that the competition is wide open. I would like to get in there, compete and show then what I can do. That decision will be made by the coaches and I will live with it either way.


Nebraska and Wylie have the same time and date as their seasons kick off in two weeks. Since committing it makes me more than a fan of Nebraska. I have taken ownership. That's my team. I want to see them succeed just like I was on the sidelines. I really feel like I am part of it and I want to see them do well.

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