LB/WR/S, Will Meyers

You think we can list any more positions for Meyers? Well, if you go off his high school career, you can add RB and quarterback to that as well. Will's athleticism makes him invaluable to his school and it will no doubt help him find a place at the school he chooses to be. And if you are wondering about this young man's intelligence, he got a 32 out of 36 on his ACT. 'nuff said.

Will Meyers Profile

Will Meyers - WR/LB - 6-0, 195, 4.5/40 - Ballwin, Missouri (Parkway West) - There's no substitute for a player that gives you lots of options in terms of how to use them. When a coach can too often be constrained by limitations on personnel, it's that multi-faceted talents that become the most useful. With almost 600 yards and 9 touchdowns on offense and 89 tackles, 6 sacks and 4 interception defense. Will's last season is proving to be not just a barometer for this up-coming year, but a small pre-cursor. And, you can add QB to his list of duties this year as well.

A self-described run-stopper, Will uses his athleticism to bring backs to a halt. On the defensive side (where he is being recruited mostly as a safety), Meyers takes pride in his ability to keep the other team's rusher in check. "I can come up and stop the run" Meyers stated. "That's for sure." Meyers also attributes his eyes as another thing that makes him effect. "I think I have good vision" Will said. "I used to play centerfield in baseball and it's kind of the same thing, playing back there. I am good at reading plays also. I can kind of see what the other team is going to do and just react to it."

As you noticed in Will's profile, he's bright. No, actually, he's really bright. On Will's SAT, he had to "settle" for a 32, just four points shy of a perfect mark and if you were hear him describe it, you would have thought he flunked the darn thing. "I kind of blew that section I thought I had down a little better." With these kinds of grades, qualifying is not even an issue, but for me, it begged the question as to how Will approached the game, either as a thinker or simply as a defensive player, reacting to any given situation. "In other sports, it's easy to analyze things, but with football, it's hard to do" Meyers stated. "I like to watch film and can remember what teams did before and I just react, but I don't think it's possible to over analyze in football really."

Of the schools courting Myers, Kansas, Indiana, Iowa State and Miami (OH) have offered him scholarships and Will stated that he had gotten hand-written letters from Illinois, Nebraska, UCLA and Vanderbilt. And of those that Will is looking at, the four that have offered him take the lead followed closely by Nebraska, UCLA and Illinois.

Meyers did state, concerning his official visits that he would only visit those that have shown the most interest in him, i.e. offered him a scholarship. Should that number go beyond the NCAA allowable limit of official visits (5), he will then narrow his choices, but doesn't expect to until towards or after his senior year.

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