Harris still solid for Nebraska?

While the commitment of Ian Harris may have been a bit of a surprise to some, the updates that followed with Harris wanting to take other visits were just as puzzling. Harris has been very difficult to get a hold of which has added to the mystery about his commitment status to Nebraska.

It's been a while, but Big Red Report has been able to finally track down Ian Harris. Harris, from San Antonio (Texas) Churchill has been dealing with conditioning in the Texas heat. A summer that is one of the warmest on record.

"It's about 99 or 100 degrees right now," Harris said. "It's been that way for a while now. You get used to it though."

Besides dealing with the heat, Harris claims that things went well this summer for his training. He wanted to work on some specific things and with another player. He feels like everything went well.

"Everything went well this summer and everything is going good now. I really spent my time getting down my route running, getting my balance down and my timing down with my quarterback."

Churchill is returning 31 letterman with six starters on both sides of the ball. The key was the core that is returning on offense and the needs for the defense.

"We are thinking district championship. We have a lot of returning players coming back on offense and our main concerns in the off season was filling in some holes on defense. Our defense has been coming good pretty well as of late."

This summer, Rice was looking at Ian to come in and play defensive end. A position that he hasn't played since he was a freshman, but when you are 6-foot-4, 230 pounds and have a 4.8/40 you could project to quite a few positions.

"They are trying to get me in on a few more special teams like things. More than just kick off return. They want to get me in on field goal block and punt block. That's about it."

One of the very last updates published about Harris followed his commitment to Nebraska. It said that Harris was going to take some other visits. How accurate was that story?

"That quote was taken out of context. He asked and I said that I wasn't sure at the time. I'm still not sure. I might still take a couple of visits, but right now I am just focused on the season right now. If that is something that my family wants me to do then we'll do. Right now though we aren't even thinking about recruiting."

There might still be some thoughts about other visits, but the fact remains that Harris is committed to Nebraska and he likes how he could fit in at Nebraska. "I am still committed to Nebraska. I have spoken to the Nebraska coaches. Coach Phil Elmassian, Coach Shawn Watson and as of late I have been talking to Coach Bill Callahan a lot through text messaging."

"From what they have told me I am someone that is a perfect fit for what Coach Callahan is trying to accomplish. Also, I was told about immediate playing time. There isn't a lot of depth at the tight end position and they need someone that can come in and stretch the defense as well as block."

"From what I feel from what they are telling me they said for me to just be patient. They said that once they offer that a lot of other schools were going to come and since I was committed that some teams were just going to recruit me twice as hard. They said to just be patient and to keep up the communication with them."

"There was a lot of truth to their words. Miami fell off some before I committed to Nebraska and now they are after me again. Michigan State is coming after me stronger and TCU is after me again. Right now I am still solid to Nebraska. Nothing has changed."

Harris has gone ahead and lined up his official visit to a Big 12 contest around his birthday in Nebraska. "I am thinking that it was the Missouri game around November 17. I think that it was the Missouri game around my birthday. We have a Friday night game and I was thinking that we would just head up there that Saturday."

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