Team hits second day of in-season practices

There's plenty going on that would make you forget Nebraska actually has a season to play. Of course, the coaches and the team have to motor on. Quarterback coach Jay Norvell talked about day two of the in-season practice as Nebraska continues preparation for their home opener against Louisiana Tech.

Some might forget that Nebraska has to play football in just a couple of weeks. The on-going drama at the quarterback position has almost made the preparations for that season anti-climactic.

There's drama to be sure, but for the coaches and the players, it's just another day on the job. "This is kind of our bridge week to La. Tech," Norvell said. "We aren't completely on La. Tech, but we're kind of bridging the gap to La. Tech."

As the business approach continues, the regiment on what the team will do each day is equally organized. "On Tuesdays is a base-day for us – base blitz, base run. On Wednesday, it's a short yardage goal line day – all third down (and) nickel," he said. "Tomorrow will be a red zone day and then we'll review situations on Friday and we'll have a mod-game on Saturday."

"This is kind of an introduction to a game week for our players – the routine of practice and meetings. So, they will be used to it next week when we play for real."

Up to this point the practices have been physically demanding, the team practicing in "live" scrimmages more than any other time during Bill Callahan's tenure as the Nebraska head coach. That theme, though, will come to a halt, according to Norvell, as the team is looking to refine what they have learned over this series of practices.

"We have scrimmaged a lot in training camp and now we are just trying to get timing and execution for the ball game," Norvell said. "We probably won't scrimmage this week."

While Norvell was looking to talk about practice more than he was about the Keller situation, he did say that the Keller situation wasn't necessarily unique and his addition to the team would be just part of the process they continually undertake as college coaches.

"He's got eligibility left and he's a good football player," Norvell said of Keller. "And it's our job to find the best players in the country and convince them to come to Nebraska. That's why we came here. Anytime there is a player out there that we think can help our football team, we are going to try and go after them."

"If he's the right person and the right kind of guy that fits in, it should be a good thing for our team."

According to head coach Bill Callahan, it is hoped that Keller will be able to start practicing with the team as early as tomorrow, which will also be the time he will be available to the media for his first interview as a Nebraska Cornhusker.

The team will continue practices until Sunday, which will be their only off-day until the actual walk-through, scheduled to take place on the 1st of September, the day before the first game of the year.

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