Breaking down Witt against Forney

Scrimmages allow you to get some ideas about what you think might work from practice and really allows you to get situational in a game-like environment. On Friday night, people got to see something else and that was a different side of Patrick Witt. A side that saw him put up nearly half as many passes in a half then he did the entire year before at Lilburn (Ga.) Parkview.

This past Friday night was an unveiling of sorts. Patrick Witt was taking the field for the first time as a Wylie (Texas) Pirate and in a passing-oriented offense. Through the spring and the summer Witt looked good enough to get offers from schools like Texas Tech, Wisconsin, Indiana and of course Nebraska.

However, the film that these teams looking at Witt had passing teams far and few between running plays featuring the number one tailback in the nation, Caleb King. However, you had to see the potential. A 6-foot-4 player with good feet, a strong arm and smart.

On Friday night Witt put up nearly as many passes in a half as he did for the entire season before in Georgia. Wylie is going to have a potent offense running four wide with a better than expected running game from all indications of it's effectiveness Friday night.

If you asked Witt, he might say that he would have liked to have been a little better, maybe doesn't wish that he threw an interception and wish that some routes were run correctly, but you have to take the night for what it was worth. It was a vanilla offense from Wylie consisting mainly of vertical routes, out routes and some squirrel patterns.

For the most part, Witt was able to take the ball and put it in playmaker hands. He distributed the ball well for only being at Wylie roughly 6-7 months and showed that it's not just potential that he has, but ability. On the night, Witt was 15-for-26 for 255 yards with three touchdowns and a pick.

You have to remember too that this was only in one half of work. Witt should have also had a fourth touchdown pass. He alluded a rush on one play, rolled to his left and carried a defender about five yards before releasing finding his receiver in the back of the endzone.

Witt ended the night throwing for about 60%, actually 58%, and was a little low what the goal might be at 65%. The interception that Witt threw came on what started out to have big-play potential. Witt recognized late on a bit of a roll-out to the left that he had a man deep.

The man was wide open, but a long ways down the field already. Witt really had to load up to make the throw and it seems in that extra half a second was enough time to see the back-side pursuit catch up with him. Witt was hit just as he was releasing the football and it floated ended up in an interception.

One thing that Wylie might not have seen coming was success in the running game. Between the tackles, the running backs ran hard. Don't forget about Witt who on one play ran a triple-option left out of the shotgun. Taking back the handoff at literally the last second, Witt came around the end, faked the pitch and made a great gain.

That was one of a few designed plans it seemed for Witt to tuck and run. On improvised run plays had success too. You also got to see that Witt wasn't afraid to throw around his 6-foot-4 and 220 pound frame. On one play he lower his head and buried a linebacker, would-be tackler.

Witt probably won't get a lot of chances to run the option at Nebraska in his career, but he was effective on read-options and leaving the pocket. Not fast enough to break a lot of 30+ yard runs, but scampers that equal first downs and enough of a threat for the defense to still think about Witt to leave the pocket. Witt averaged nearly seven yards a carry, 7-48 yards.

Overall, Witt didn't look to only have the spring and summer under his belt when it came to him running the offense. There was still some confusion on routes and left Witt in some precarious positions at times. Also, pass protection wasn't what they are going to need all season in one of the toughest 5A districts in the state.

Their first game is this Saturday at 7:30 in Waco against Temple. Temple will come at Wylie with more of a 30-stack front that should add up to Witt having a very good day when it comes to completion percentage and yards. For those of you in the area you can tune into KVCE radio on 1160AM to catch all of the Wylie action all season long.

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