From out of the Blue, Tranell Morant

If you had 12 sacks last season as a DE last year, you would be doing pretty good. If you had that in Florida's largest classification for high school levels, you would be doing even better. Ok, if you got those 12 sacks in just 6 games, people might just have their jaws drop to the floor. Ok, how about if you did all of the above and it was your very first year ever of playing organized football? You get the idea? This kid is good.

Tranell Morant Profile

Tranell Morant - DE - 6-5.5, 258, 4.7/40 - Miami, Florida (G. Holmes Braddock) - Having less than a year of football to go off of, it's hard to get a real good idea of what young Morant is truly capable. Surely, you can take enough away from Tranell's limited time in Florida's premier class and his absolutely unconscionable numbers compiled therein. 12 sacks in 6 games? Never having played football before that? It might be too good to be true. It might be a year that is worth savoring, or it might just be a foreshadowing of what is to come.

A basketball player before Tranell's experiment that would be, football, Morant didn't choose football out of some sudden realization of ability, more out of making his choices in the future be that much broader. "I wanted to open up my options." Tranell stated. "I played basketball for three years and I didn't want one road to go down and not have something to fall back on."

Fall back might be the wrong way to put that as Tranell's minimal time has turned out a maximum effort and that has equaled attention all the way to the midwest. For so little experience, you would expect schools to be a little behind in tracking Tranell down, but the following schools didn't hesitate. N.C. State, Auburn, Rutgers, Kansas and Missouri have all reportedly offered Morant scholarships, but Tranell is looking for more.

"I'm actually surprised that more schools haven't offered me, but I know that I have to just go out there and do what I do and just see what happens." Tranell stated.

Looking at schools at the next level, Tranell has an idea of what he is looking for. "I want to go to a place where I will feel comfortable for the next four or five years of my life." Morant said. "I am looking playing time, defensive scheme and if the coaching staff are good people. I like a big fan support, winning tradition, but Academics are number one."

Of those schools that haven't offered Tranell a scholarship, he stated that Oklahoma, Nebraska, Michigan, Texas A&M, Texas Tech and most of the southern teams have all shown attention to a certain degree.

As for the teams that Tranell likes, "I like Miami and I like the way Florida plays and Michigan plays" Tranell stated. "I like the way Oklahoma plays and the way Texas plays." But, the bottom line for Morant is that "whoever is interested in me, that's a team I will take a look at."

Morant's potential is the big question here. Based on what he did in the time he had, the expectations are daunting, even incredible. As much as the pressure is flung upon Morant, it's nothing he isn't putting on himself and as he states, his ability makes him more than up to the task. "I never had a problem with footwork when it came to football and I think basketball helped with that a lot" Tranell stated. "Truthfully, (out there), I feel like I am on another level out there. I have faced some good O-lines in school and in some camps and I just don't think there is any line out there that can stop me."

With that confident attitude, Morant goes into his senior season, only his second season aspiring to make a name for himself. He's almost aspiring for a record. The record Tranell seeks this season is the sack record of 32, held by Woody Jones. Based on Tranell's impact thus far, even a record like that seems reasonable. If Tranell does make that record though, you can take him out of the category of "newcomer" and put him right in the "MVP" category to stay.

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