Big visitor backs out on opening weekend

Nebraska seemed to have a slight advantage for for a bit tackle from California in the late spring to early summer. Also, he had a reminder in his ear about the Cornhuskers of Nebraska from a coach. Then came all the attention that he was sure to receive and his commitment to a PAC10 team. He was scheduled for opening weekend at Nebraska, but that has fallen through. Will he reschedule?

Martin Coleman has been on the Nebraska recruiting radar for some time. The 6-foot-6 and 290 pound offensive tackle/defensive tackle from Huntington Beach (Calif.) Edison is looking forward to the season and is hopeful to live up to high expectations that come with playing at Edison.

"We are into practices. Our first game is this Friday actually," Coleman said. "At Edison, we expect a lot of our players. I am the only returning starter on the offensive line and we have a lot of new guys coming up. They are looking pretty good though."

"We are looking pretty good though. I think that we can be pretty good this year. Every team wants to go 10-0, but it isn't always possible, but you never know. So much is about that week and how you practice, condition and lift."

Now, Coleman is a five start rated offensive tackle by, but if you ask him what he was working on this summer he will tell you blocking. Coleman admits that he is continually learning about the position.

"I tried to work on both my pass blocking and my rush blocking, because I really have to improve on that. I have also been watching a lot of film, college and pro, working on their techniques. I am still learning."

As soon as recruiting was heating up for Coleman it cooled off with his commitment. In April he committed to USC, but that is the only place that he has taken a visit to. He admitted that he would like to take some other visits.

"I committed to USC very early. SC is the only place I have been too and it's great place. It's in Southern California and it's SC. Yeah, I am looking forward to taking some official visits this year."

"I was planning on seeing Nebraska. Not this week though. I am still trying to schedule that around my free time from football so I could travel out there and check it out."

The Nebraska visit was supposed to come very early in the season, but his game will keep him away from making that trip. Admittedly, he is looking at the times and dates that will work and it trying to get it scheduled.

"It was supposed to be this weekend, but I couldn't make it. We are done with our game like at 10:00 and trying to catch a plane all the way out there is difficult sometimes. I am going to try and schedule something else."

"I haven't scheduled any visits yet, but I am for sure going to Nebraska. I was thinking about Miami, Utah and USC as my other visits. Those are the ones that I am really thinking about right now."

While Coleman has four schools that he thinks that he would like to officially visit, there could be other opportunities that might present themselves. Coleman isn't closing the door on any of those either. "If there are any other opportunities to go and take a visit to other schools then I would sure be happy to go."

Nebraska might have a bit of an ace in the hole at Edison. Jason Peter, former Nebraska Cornhusker and first round draft pick, is a coach at Edison and has been giving advice to Coleman about his game and about Nebraska.

"Coach Peter is crazy! He's my defensive line coach, I play both ways, and he's an awesome person to be around. He just pumps you up when you go one on ones or on team. He teaches you all these techniques. It has been awesome working with him."

"He has told me about their tradition. It's all about Nebraska. Their tradition just sounds very cool to me. Coach Peter has been doing a good job giving me information about him."

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