Will Herron be in Lincoln this weekend?

Scout.com has Brandon Herron chalked up as a soft commit to Nebraska. That's not really true, but he is about as close to a commitment as you could possibly be without being considered a commit. This could be the weekend though for him to finally say 'I commit'. What is standing in his way though?

Brandon Herron is just about a Cornhusker. In his heart, he might already be there. However, the words 'I commit!' have never left Herron's mouth to a Nebraska coach, yet. This past weekend, Herron was getting back into the swing of things on the field.

"We had a scrimmage on Friday against another school. I led the defense in tackles. I had two sacks, one tackle for loss and about seven or eight tackles."

Not to get anyone too excited, but Herron did leave the game with a slight injury. His leaving the game was more of a precautionary measure than anything.

"I hurt my knee and sat out the second half. I hit the quarterback and I guess that my knee got stuck in the ground. I hurt it a little bit. Coach said not to go back in. I am alright though."

Herron is listed as a Nebraska "soft commit". However, this process could end if he just simply could visit the school. That isn't easy because booking last minute travel for family is pricey.

"That's exactly right. I need to go up there and take a look before I commit. I spoke to Coach Ted Gilmore and he said not to rush. I was supposed to go up this weekend, but I spoke to my dad and the plane tickets were like $400."

"I am really waiting on seeing if my father can make it up there this weekend or not. He said that if Nebraska is where I want to go then he wants to check it out with me."

Players are free to travel on official visits, but parents are not. In this case, Herron's father would like to see Nebraska firsthand and, more than that, his father is just looking out for his son.

"He said that he changed his mind (on me traveling alone) because he said that I have only been 18 for like 27 days. He said that you are barely, official at 18. That is why he wants to go up there with me."

Herron was unable to put a percentage on whether or not he would be going to Nebraska this weekend or not. However, he knows that if this weekend doesn't work out that next weekend's percentage is 100%.

"There is a slim chance that I do go, but if I don't go this week I will go next week. That will give my dad time to check his schedule and hopefully we are able to get down there this weekend to watch a game. If not, next weekend."

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