Hill making the official this weekend

Nebraska has had a few surprise commitments this year. One of the bigger ones is Ryan Hill from Arvada (Colo.) West who committed a little out of the blue one night. Hill is making the trip back to Lincoln, after an unofficial this summer, and will take in his first game in Lincoln.

It has to be a situation to be in a stadium that you will play at in a year for the next four to five years. The decision came early for Ryan Hill to be part of the Nebraska family. Now the tight end from Arvada (Colo.) West will be in Lincoln this weekend.

"Yeah, I am coming down for an official visit this weekend," Hill said. "This will be the first time that I get to see a game in Lincoln."

Ryan's mother is a big Colorado fan and he chose to watch Nebraska to compete against her. It's rebellious, but it has allowed him to learn a lot about Nebraska in a short while and has him excited to finally see a game in person in Lincoln.

"I have followed Nebraska for a while. I really want to see how the atmosphere is. I want to see everyone cheering them on. I just want to feel how it is with all the fans and everything. I have heard a lot from Coach Ted Gilmore how it is down there on a game and I am happy that I get to go down for the first game."

This won't be the first visit for Hill who was in earlier this year for an unofficial visit. Hill is interested in seeing what the final product looks like on the facilities because when he was there it was still quite a ways away from being done.

"I came down to Lincoln in June. I was there for an unofficial visit. I met Coach Gilmore and I didn't get any of the other coaches. I got to see part of the new facilities then. I want to see what it looks like now. I'm really looking forward to that."

One thing that might pop up to interfere with Hill's commitment to Nebraska is that he might be a major league baseball prospect. He has been growing fonder of playing football recently, but some of his family still has his ear about baseball.

"I don't know. I think that my best sport is football and my grandpa thinks it's baseball. I started liking football more just because of the atmosphere. I think that baseball is a little boring, but I like playing it. I really started liking football because of the position that I am playing."

Hill hasn't ruled out the idea of playing both. However, he admitted that one might interfere with the other and that he has goals when it comes to football that he would like to work towards. At 6-foot-4, 235 pounds and roughly a 4.7/40, Hill is physically ready to play football right now.

"I've been thinking about it, but how sports are now these sports are year-round. When football is ending that is when you need to be in baseball. I don't know how it would all work. I'm not really sure if I will play baseball. Right now it will be just football. I might do it for a year and look for a way after that."

"I have spoke to Coach Gilmore and he has mentioned playing early. That is one of the reasons that I haven't been worrying about the whole baseball thing because I would like to start as a true freshman. I want to play. I am not really sure how that will happen."

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