Nebraska's last practice before the game

Nebraska gets ready to hit the field and today was the last full practice before Louisiana Tech arrives for the home-opener. For the coaches and the players, it's not a matter of doing anything new, but redoing everything you've done before. Head coach Bill Callahan talked about that, if any players are definitely out and how many official visitors would make it in this weekend.

If there is one thing people know about home games, it's a circus. From the fanfare surrounding it to the actual game, there's plenty that gets everyone excited about the first game of the year. For the head coach it's no different, but he's excited for everyone else that will be part of what is certain to be a entertainment-laden event. "It's going to be fun. We are really excited," Callahan said. "I know the administration has some great things planned for the fans."

"They are certainly going to enjoy every bit of the new tunnelwalk. Our players are truly excited (today) about it."

Outside of the glitz, there's still some work to get done, but Callahan said that things have been progressing well. "We've had a couple of good practices – Tuesday and Wednesday and today was a good situational review," he said. "We spend normally 25 minutes on special teams to begin the practice and review that pretty extensively and then we go into a very short practice format – working on red zone and some team move-the-ball situations and two minute."

"Beside all that it's an abbreviated practice. We shrink the field and by that I mean we get in the red zone, working on the short field, so players are not running as far or as much."

On the injury front, third string tight end, junior Josh Mueller was sidelined yesterday, but Callahan said that he wasn't ruled out for the game. Outside of Mueller, however, and the season-ending injury to Zack Bowman, the team reports no other physical setbacks.

There has been some question as to whether or not back up quarterback, sophomore Joe Ganz could see the field this weekend. While much like last year, the game itself will probably dictate whether or not that happens, the head coach said he'd like to see his second string QB get some reps. "It would be great (to get him in). I think he's really prepared himself well," Callahan said of Ganz. "He's a smart, articulate quarterback that has really mastered the system. He's an outstanding quarterback and I think that when he does get in there, he'll exude the leadership that you want from a player of his caliber and I know he'll do a great job."

Nebraska will go through a walkthrough tomorrow and the game it scheduled to kickoff at 2:30 p.m. central.

Coach Callahan said that there were going to be either three or four official visitors in this weekend for the game.

The Huskers go into this contest favored over Louisiana Tech by 22 points.

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