The latest for 2007 is solid to Nebraska

It says a lot about a recruit to look into all aspects of their recruitment. It says that they are as interested, if not more interested, in their academics as they are playing football. Quentin Castille didn't even need to see the rushing stats from the first game or the game itself to commit. You'd be surprised what number actually got him.

They aren't all like Quentin Castille, in fact, no others come to mind. When Castille and his mother were presented with the graduation rate of the players from Nebraska it was a done deal.

"I was told before that it was a good school," Castille said. "They told me and my mom that their graduation rate is 93%. That was the biggest thing for me in my committing."

Before the visit to Nebraska, Castille was quoted as saying that Louisville had taken over as his leader and that he would like to move to the east coast. Can his commitment to Nebraska be considered solid?

"Yes, I am solid. I want all of the other schools to stop calling me."

Besides the graduation rate at Nebraska, there were some other things about the trip that stood out to the 6-foot-2 and 220 pound running back from La Porte (Texas). Most centered around the facilities.

"The trip was just fantastic. I really liked the tunnel walk, the new big screen and the fans. They're crazy."

The fans really were a key for Castille to say that he was solid to Nebraska. While he was in Lincoln he was not only recognized by many of the fans, but he was asked to sign his autograph a few times.

"I was very surprised. Everyone knew me up there. I actually got a chance to sign some autographs."

The stats don't lie either. Nebraska is re-dedicating itself to "pounding the rock". More than that though, it will be a system with fresh legs and a rotation at running back.

"I really enjoyed it. I spoke to Coach Randy Jordan and we talked about the rotation that they want to have. That really surprised me. I like it."

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