Hill enjoys success of TE in game

Commitments visiting schools that they have already committed too is sometimes anti-climatic, but in the case of Ryan Hill it's a very interesting read. It was his first game at Nebraska, he got to compare the facilities from June to September and his mom is a Colorado grad that has a son that's going to go to Nebraska. Like I said, a very good read.

It was the first time for Ryan Hill to see a game in Lincoln. The words "Sea of Red" never really meant much until he saw it for the first time. The 6-foot-3 and 230 pound tight end from Arvada (Colo.) West was amazed.

"It was more than I thought it would be, actually," Hill said. "I didn't think that it would be that many people in red. When they say the "Sea of Red" they really do mean it."

Another thing that Hill was surprised with was the facilities. Hill got a chance to see them in the spring, but a second chance to see them when they were completed blew him away.

"I was really surprised. They have put a lot into it. They have been trying to do what's best for the team for the school there. I was really excited about the facilities. I felt good about it."

There wasn't one thing that Hill liked the most out of all of the new facilities. If there was one thing, it might be the new physical therapy facilities available to Nebraska athletes.

"Probably everything that they did on the north side from the big screen to everything that they did inside. Like their water therapy and sports medicine stuff. That really caught my eye."

Another tight end hosted Hill, but he really hit it off with another official visitor. That other official visitor just so happened to pull the trigger on a commitment to Nebraska this past weekend.

"My host was Mike McNeil. He's a freshman tight end. I met Quentin Castille over the weekend. He's pretty cool. We hung out at night in the hotel and got to know eachother. His parents and my parents got to talking too."

"Quentin and I hit it off pretty good. Out families hit it off pretty good. When he goes there I know that I will know him when I get there. I will know him when I get there this summer for work outs."

The game though to Hill really sold him on playing tight end in Lincoln. Four different tight ends were seen on the field at one time. Also, four different tight ends caught touch down passes.

"What better game to go to then the one where the tight ends caught four touchdowns in the game for like 100 yards. I was really surprised how much they use their tight ends. Nebraska is a great school to go to if you are a tight end."

Hill didn't take his official visit alone. In fact, he brought his mother that is a Colorado Buffalo fan. His mom seems to be coming to grips with her son getting ready to play at Nebraska.

"I came with my mom and my step-dad. My mom went to Colorado, but she loved Lincoln. She's already converted and bought like $400 of Nebraska stuff. It's kind of funny."

"My mom came with me in June for an unofficial. This trip allowed her to ask more questions in depth than just getting the overview. She knew now that I would be going there. She's sold and has been from the beginning since the first visit."

There is still a chance that Hill could make it again to Lincoln for an unofficial visit. Conveniently, it might be for the game against his mom's alma mater.

"Well, hopefully my team keeps winning. But if we don't and I can make it then I will probably come back for the Colorado game the day after Thanksgiving."

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