Nebraska set to host big time RB

One of the top running backs in the nation will be in Lincoln (Nebr.) this weekend to see the Huskers take on Nicholls State. The good news is that Nebraska is coming off of a 250+ yard rushing game the weekend before and that could impress this running back. His eyes will be focused on Nebraska "pounding the rock".

The running back from Oakland Park (Flor.) Northeast, Bo Williams, has been tearing it up this season. The 6-foot and 210 pound Williams rushed 16 times for 186 yards and three scores in his first game. And then 21 carries for 266 yards and two scores.

"My stats are real," Williams said. "I think that I am averaging about 10 yards a carry. Something like nine or 10 yards. I am not even playing the entire game."

With results like that, averaging over 10 yards a carry, Williams isn't content. He is always trying to become a better player. In fact, the phone call from Big Red Report interrupted his game film time.

"I am watching my game from last weekend as we speak. I go back and see what I did and what I can do. That is how I get my game better. I thought that I started kind of slow last game. I need to run hard."

Northeast has their bye this weekend which gives Williams a chance to take an official visit. He is leaving bright and early Friday. "I leave at 7:00 in the morning on Friday for Nebraska for my first official. I am really looking forward to that visit."

This is the first official visit for Williams among other things. "This will be my first flight, anywhere, ever. I have never been on a plane. I am a little nervous. I am excited about the trip, but a little nervous about the plane."

Nebraska got out last weekend and really pounded the rock. The coach from Nebraska reminded Williams about Nebraska's efforts to establish the run. Williams is interested in seeing it in action.

"I want to see how their offense features the running game. I want to see how they use their running backs. Coach Phil Elmassian was saying that the team ran for over 250 yards. I need to check it out."

From what Williams knows about the Nebraska offense and the west coast offense, he says that he can fit in really well. There would be some differences for him between the offense that he runs currently and the west coast offense though.

"I have the ability to run, catch and block as a running back. It's a blessing. I am used to running behind a big fullback, but the west coast offense is a little different."

While Nebraska is the only scheduled visit there are at least two other visits that he knows about right now. The other two visits though are up in the air and will require some more thought.

"I don't have any other dates schedule right now, but I know for a fact that I will be visiting Florida State and Pittsburgh. The other two I am not really sure about. I need to think about those two."

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