Don't call it a comeback

L.L. Cool J, might say as much in his song, but Kenni might say the same in his play. An injury last year kept Kenni from bettering on an impressive performance the year prior, but now, he's planning on making a statement. While schools that are taking a glimpse at Burns to see if he has a little of that sophomore luster left, Kenni isn't prepared to help them decide, but make them as his final year will be his season to shine.

Kenni Burns Profile

Kenni Burns - 6-0, 190, 4.4 - Springfield, Illinois (Sacred Heart Griffin) - An off-season can be a grueling time. Much more grueling if that off-season has lasted over a year. Such as it has been for one, Kenni Burns, as a foot injury kept him out all of last year. Prior to that year, Burns made a sparkling impact, rushing for 1,800 yards while scoring 20 touchdowns. Let me say again, he did that as a sophomore. Imagine how he would have done his junior year. That's in the past, but Burns is ready for the future and his goals are expectedly high.

Missing out on a year gives you time to think. About what was lost, what's to get back and what you can do when you finally return. For Burns, it's been a year, but health-wise, he says he's feeling just fine. "It's fine" Burns said. "I've been working on it all Summer and I plan to be ready to go". As for the question of if Kenni was a hundred percent, he replied simply, "Oh yeah."

Because of an off-season like that, you can expect schools to go ice cold on you. Regardless of your year as a Sophomore, it's just too much time for all kinds of things to happen and some schools think they can't wait. For those willing to wait however, Burns might just have a surprise for them. "I want to get at least 2,000 yards for the season, at least get honorable mention, All-American and for our team to win a state title". That hardly sounds like the goals of someone that doesn't plan on making a statement.

As for believing in what he has done almost two years ago and what he has yet to do, some schools have signed on early, offering Kenni scholarships to attend their schools. Boston College, Missouri, Ball State and Northern Illinois are amongst the first to show young Burns interest and just based on past performances and the belief that Kenni is indeed 100%, they won't be the only ones.

As for the teams he likes, "I like Penn State, Colorado, Oklahoma, Missouri and Nebraska a lot." Burns stated. All those teams mentioned above are actively recruiting Burns via the normal channels at this time of year. They aren't the only ones, but the attention is expected, at least for now. Burns is a realist. He knows what's going on. People are waiting to see what he can do with a full season to be healthy and combines his officials as part of that goal. "I will take a look at the schools that offer me, but I know they are waiting to see what I am going to do this season." Kenni stated.

Kenni is in no hurry and he knows that for him to make his impression to other schools, it's going to take some time. At least half a season. Again, if you can go off of Kenni's performance his sophomore year, Burns' decision process won't be about deciding amongst the few, it will having to choose from so many.

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