Texas Tech commit to visit Nebraska

If you asked Jacob Amie which position he would like to play he would probably say wide receiver. In the end though, he just wants to catch the ball and make plays. Plays that he isn't making now in high school. The opportunities to catch the ball as a wide receiver at Texas Tech or a tight end at Nebraska is an interesting comparison.

You can't have one without the other so with the ushering in of football came school. Big Red Report caught up with Jacob Amie, but he was busy trying to get some school work done.

"I've been busy doing school work," Amie said. "It's that time."

The season started last Friday for Amie and Tyler (Lee). The are 1-0 on the season, but Amie would like to have a little more to do with the victory.

"We started the season last week. We played Lake Highlands and only threw the ball twice the whole game. They threw it once to me for 10 yards."

The Nebraska game was on TV last weekend and featured a big role being played by the tight end in the west coast offense. He didn't get to see the four different tight ends catch touchdown passes, but he had heard a little about it.

"I only saw three or four plays, but I know a tight end caught some touchdowns. A tight end was the leading receiver."

Nebraska gets a visit from Amie who is considered by many to be a firm commitment to Texas Tech. He might still be committed, but he will take all of his visits.

"Uh, yeah I guess so. I am definitely taking all of my visits. I am going to Nebraska this weekend (9-8). I will also go visit Kansas State, Missouri, Colorado and Oklahoma State."

Amie has heard a lot about what he will see when he comes to Nebraska for a game. "I want to see Nebraska's facilities. I want to see their fan support. I also want to meet all of the coaches."

With Amie this weekend will be official visitor Bo Williams from Florida. Nebraska has offered another from Lee, Tekerrian Cuba, but according to Amie he wasn't sure if Cuba thought about visiting Nebraska this weekend or will visit Nebraska at all.

"I don't know if Tekerrian Cuba is going this weekend to Nebraska or not. I haven't spoke to him about it."

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